#DataVisualization: Hashtagify Redesign

Charlie Walsh
Sep 8, 2017 · 3 min read

30 Days, 30 UIs: Day 19

Turnaround: 1 hour

Bored, tired of F*ckJerry memes, googling random things—I came across Hashtagify, an archive and data center for Twitter’s Hashtag usage. The ideas pretty cool, but the user experience is about as cringeworthy as my first line. Redesign was a must.

My goal was to make the site more aesthetic and increase the usability. After a heuristic review, I noticed 3 main pain points:

  1. These Jabronis have thought of every way to get nickel and dime visitors to pay for their premium service. It’s a serious turnoff.
  2. Dark design is when you trick a user into doing something that benefits them.
  3. Tongue twister—The functionality is actually really pleasant, but a little redesign will make it pop 🎉

Improving Navigation and Optimizing Proximity

is entirely made up of links that send a user to the premium signup. This to me is misleading and assumably has a low turnover. I removed it for my design.

with the current hashtag, popularity, and search, I moved to be directly above the Title “All-time Top…” This adjustment will increase the usability because the page title is now closer to the search/results.

Data Visualization Attempt #1

The visualization uses a hexagon shape and has a “hot to cold” color gradient to represent A.)how closely the other words are related the hashtag searched hashtag and B.) how often it’s used.

The design is cool, but I decided to go with something less extreme. Hashtagify prioritizes cashflow. One was cashflow can be improved is by making the UI look more like a professional, business friendly tool. I gave it second stab.

This Data visualization style is less aggressive and follows are more traditional style for the business world. Satisfied with my work, I moved onto the UI and redesigning Nav/Placement.

Final UI

I removed the top Nav and placed the tabs into separate pages. I also removed the ranking and made any reference of the searched Hashtag red.

To meet stakeholder needs, I placed a become a member button at the top right nav.

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