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“CNBC recently reported a story about how a college student earned $10,000 using a “side hustle app” called JoyRun. That sounds impressive until the figures are broken down. She worked around 12–20 hours a week for a year. That’s a classic part-time job making around $10–15 an hour. So it’s slightly better than the average wage at McDonald’s.”

Why is this a bad thing? Aren’t “side hustles” meant to serve the same purpose as a part time job…? It seems to me that side hustles like Uber & AirBnB simply provide tons of part-time jobs to the American workforce, helping students, low-income families, & entrepreneurs to make extra $$ to pursue other goals or increase their standard of living. And the trimming of benefits seems to make sense, since these side hustles allow for a level of flexibility that most part-time jobs don’t. What am I missing?

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