You’re missing this sentence, Charlie Walters: “In a healthy economy these people would have no…
Todd Flora

Todd Flora & Eric Mowery: I have two problems with that next sentence.

1st — We don’t have a perfectly healthy economy, and there will always be people who are unemployed or underemployed. All we can do is try to minimize those #s. It seems to me that these side hustles offer an innovate solution to the underemployed. Instead of having to work 2 different 30-hour a week jobs where they’re at risk of being fired if they miss work time, people can choose to balance their hours/pay however they want with Uber.

2nd — While not every side hustle or every “app” is going to be a slam dunk idea (and many might be rip-offs or a waste of people’s time), the proliferation of side hustles seems like an advancement in our economy more than anything. The ability to match flexible hours with one’s own schedule, and to match various “side-hustle” opportunities with one’s own interests is something that is growing more and more common with each passing year.

I understand that companies like Uber are passing on a lot of the burden/risk to the contracted employee, but they’re also offering a seemingly endless supply of jobs to the underemployed. No one HAS to drive an Uber, but if you want to drive 1hr or 100hrs a week, you can. If you want to make $50 or $50,000, you can. That flexibility outweighs the loss of benefits, in my opinion.

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