Life in Hollywood Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic:

By: Charlie Weil

When will we be able to get back on set and resume our lives? That has been the fundamental question the population has been pondering since the stay-at-home was constituted six months ago. Since the pandemic began, we, as a collective global community have had to contend to making major adjustments; when it comes to working in the entertainment industry.

As a recent college graduate and aspiring screenwriter myself, I understand the frustration and consternation every single human being has been experiencing for these past six months. We are all eager to get back to work, but the pandemic has temporarily put all our lives in this never ending state of purgatory; unaware of when life will resume as.

Yet, it is paramount that we take the necessary health protocols and make sure that we listen to what the CDC and what the World Health Organization are saying for the safety of ourselves and those we love. If we want to resume as they were, we need to take these new health mandates ; otherwise there will be a greater percentage of COVID deaths.

Now, when it comes to Hollywood, people in the entertainment industry are as susceptible to contracting COVID as any other profession. In fact, they are probably at a greater likelihood to contract the virus. I say this because they are consistently within near of each other every day; which means that they are 100x more to contract the virus than any other profession.

As a country, we need to continue being vigilant by practicing social distancing guidelines as we tentatively get back to work. Hollywood will have to incorporate new safety protocols to make sure the safety of their respective casts and crews of their films and television shows.