What’s Behind The Man Behind The Curtain
Caitlin Johnstone

Again you are “on track”. After sepnding so much time on this track, I realize that that our communal thinking has been herded into a redundant, ddelusional paradigm. Long before the days of mind control master Edward Bernays, and the Tavistock Institute, all of this was in place. Bernays just upped the game. We are indeed on our way not to extinction, but to selective exterminations. I´m too old to worry who reads this; but, it IS underway. Awakening is an individualistic, and isolated journey. Good luck. There is some help: Jed McKenna´s recent works….Pantanjali´s Yoga sutras. But you leave communalism in awakening´s pursuit. The journey is rough. Mobey Dick is a clue.

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