Why Does The Left Attack Itself? Generations Of Government Psyops.
Caitlin Johnstone

Hi Caitlin, I´m not of theleft or right. This exactly the paradigm where mind control experts have herded world population. Clever bastards from the Tavistock Institute have their hands on the tiller, there in London, and of course, in northern Virginia. I left the US from Virginia. For our controllers, the left and right, are the same group of cattle being controled, and oh so easily. This is a game of obscurity. Though I love your articles, I must say the results are clear here. From yourself to Pat Buchanan, to whoever buys into the illusion created, this all too real matrix thrives. Check out Colemans´s book about the Tavistock Institute, Farrell´s books about who is behind world shadow government. There are more. Difficult not to be used in this fashion.

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