Iraq-Raping Neocons Are Suddenly Posing As Woke Progressives To Gain Support
Caitlin Johnstone

Seeing through neo-cons is not only easy, it´s natural. Seeing through all authority, and the so called “sacred” is as well. So how do they do it ? It certainly isn´t through logic, common sense, or high moral values. No, as I have pointed out before, it is through mind control. And this is purely typical in the human politic, as history can easily reveal.

The science of mind control greatly advanced in the 20th centrury. Its principles formed in marketing. And the grand wizzard of all was Edward Bernaise. He along with others not so famous, brought us WW1 and WW2, the cold war, and the New World Order. Every president after JFK, were willing whores. And now we have the neo-cons.

They are lying sick bastards. And while I use that definition for authority in general, these twits are at the top of the list. They advance the awfull vission of a totalitarian world as pictured by MI6 agent-author, George Orwell. They are backed by big bucks. Trump isn´t one of them. He´s just a big time hustler. He scored big, no?

Like most libertarian thinkers, I see the “left-right” paradigm as false, irrelevant, and insulting. But boy are we in trouble! And our mind controllers offer us our cup of hemlock, as lively, democratic debate.

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