Batmans Inventory. Batmobiles, Bataragans And a Cat

A list of uber cool gizmo belongings that the famous superhero has in stock!

The Dark Knight is by no doubt a symbol of more than one generation since his birth. My personal favourite is Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight” version, which I find to be more than charming. It makes the masked fighter of justice look and feel real. The scientific saga, along with those of Joel Schumacher or Tim Burton’s, seems grounded on a few real life science facts, but exactly how real Batman’s weapon inventory is, does not define its absolute awesomeness. It is fascinating that even though “The World’s Greatest Detective” is as old as 1939, he continues to ever more excite and enchant new masses of fans.

Batman’s Inventory

We all love the Tumbler!

We all love the tank-like super vehicle don’t we. Surely to combine an off-road buggy and a jet fighter isn’t the safest idea out there, but it still sounds and the more important — it looks abso-shocking-lutely awesome! It is maneuverable, durable, extremely fast and not to mention more than uber cool.

Now isn’t that the perfect military idea?

British national defence contractors BAE Systems have announced a tree wheel prototype concept that reminds the Bat Tumbler at almost 100%!. We do not have self-driven cars yet but Google’s on it! Surely the system is not absolutely reliable but if covered in armor plates you just might think about it. I would love to have when I make a list of my personal belongings.

Inventory Of The Good Old Batmobile Design

Anton Furst, Production Designer for Batman (1989), Batman Returns(1992)Batmobile inventory

The Dark Knight’s sweet ride as among the pearls of Batman’s inventory! The batmobile is the older version of the famous tumbler from above and that we are all familiar from the most recent Batman movies.

In 1966 the batmobile looked more like Lincoln Futura-inspired vehicle, which I personally find to be way more sophisticated than the current concept. It became more sleek and evil form Tim Burton’s versions and more impressive for “Batman Begins”. It has it all! From machine guns to a jet engine, a fire launcher, an autopilot system, heat vision and more. In “Batman Forever” it can even drive at 90 degrees!

Most popular models

(Pre-batmobile, appeared Detective Comics #48)

Originally assigned to Dean Jeffries, who had to leave the job, if not the most, but maybe one of the most famous cars in the world was build by George Barris, who chose the forgotten Ford model and gave us:

Anton Furst, Production Designer for Batman (1989), Batman Returns(1992)B

(Based on Ford’s 1955 Lincoln Futura)

In 1973 the legend of Batman was reintroduced on wide TV with the debut of the Superfriends” series. Although the model resembles the Ford Futura original, it was adapted to fit animatoin purposes, where it looked like:

(Superfriends Cartoon Series 1973)

The last of the Futura designed vehicles was seen in 1978, when the cartoons were redesigned and transformed to “Challange of the Superheroes, where the Batmobile was as:

(Challenge of the Superfriends Cartoon Series/Comic Books 1978–1987)

For the first time since a couple of decays since 1966, in 1989 the batmobile was transformed by Anton Furst, who combined raw muscle with sleek aesthetics. Powered by the awesome Chevy V8, this is surely among the most memorable.

Batmobile inventory model#

(Batman Returns 1989)

The next more modern take was done by Barbara Ling. The goal was to achieve a more organic taste to it, which brang the sense of wings and ribs. We can find similarities with previos model such as the cockpit, long body, a jet exhaust, the roof fin and more. The one thing that still bothers me are the fixed tire logos. That seems too much to me..

The lights were meant to make the car as if it was breathing. The whole design concept lead to 3 patents filed!

(Batman Forever 1995)

Again designed by Barbara Ling, the model from “Batman & Robin” was inspired by famous roadster models like those of Jaguar D Type and Delahaye 165. It was meant to be simiiar to the older comics versions where it was an open air vehicle but there’s only one seat..

(Batman & Robin 1997)

The Memory Fiber Cape!

According to what the “Dark Knight” movies has taught us, the cape is made of a super fictional material called “memory cloth”. By applying an electrical charge, the night crime adjudicator is able to stiffen the fabric at any moment given, and thus being able to easily skyglide around Gotham and have it return to its original state at will. The whole magic is about having the soft-to-hard transition at your personal disposal to play and tamper however and whenever you feel like it!

Now how 1939 cool is that!

Even though it is far from what’s real, Mr Nolan’s imagination pushes what actually real is and how far can dreams go! A peculiar fact is the film team of the ““Dark Knightseries received special help and advice form the British Ministry of Defence in order to get that distinctive bat-wings feeling to it. Special nylon-parachute material was used, that combined with a super thin metal-based material and an small electrical current, delivered that dash of bat looks everybody loves. From a scientific point of few, The Trajectory of a Falling Bat implies that a real life Batman could potentially fly but landing at the speed of 70 to 80 km/h would definitely be a problem.

The Batarang Inventory

They are most likely among the most famous of Batman’s weapon inventory. The first time appearance was in September 1939 and the idea was developed by Bill Finger, who was an American comic strip and comic book writer.

The batarangs are boomerang-like sharp metal items that Batman has given a number of applications. They are an alternative to firearm since Bruce Wayne’s hatred toward it, because of the murder of his parents.

The bat shurikens have been used to stick explosives to walls, cars, doors, elevators, helicopters and more.

We have seen batarangs as electrical charge carriers that can disable whole computer systems and of course, the most simple of use — as a part of batman’s weapon inventory that can cut trough anything as if it is a piece of cheese!

Other variation of this emblematic weapon of Batman’s inventory are such that can be programmed to follow specific targets, cause smoke covers and even attach an GPS to whatever the night adjudicator has chosen. As a matter of fact iam not sure if we

should classify batarangs as boomerangs or as shuriken, but they are sound as hell! Imagine how good Batman is at throwing those around and how much practice it took him. And what about his abilities when it comes down to actually catching those boomerangs back? I bet that if we were housing roomates, we would never pass an independent London property inventory service inspection. Variations of the batarang have appeared within the weapon inventory of a number of other DC heroes and villains such as Batman’s sidekick Robin, the Batgirl, Catwoman an etc.

Batarangs Type Inventory Report:

  • Electric — Seen in DCAU, when Batman joins the Justice League; Also used by Robin in the Teen Titans” cartoon.
  • Explosive — Seen in both animated series and movie episodes.
  • Razor Sharp — Used eversince the first appearance of the superhero character.
  • Flash freeze — Rarely used. Batman keeps freeze pellets on stock in Teen Titans”.
  • Remote Controlled — They became quite popular after their usage in “Batman Returns”

The Grapple Hook Gun

The Grapple Gun. Batman’s Weapon Inventory

The Grapple gun’s first TV depute was in the distant 1989. It was presented as spear-shooting spring-based device the has become an integral part of Dark Knight’s superhero possessions. The Grapple projectile has appeared in almost all shows and comics editions one way or the other. For an example in “Batman & Robin” it is among the valuables on Batman’s belt. Later it’s upgraded to compressed air power, that can shoot both a hook and the well known dart.

I’m Batman!

By no doubt, the protector of Gotham might be able to handle it even with a simple rope and a hook, tied to his belt or back to toss around, but that would not be even close to current level of awesomeness the DC’s hero’s gizmos are.

In the end it is all about how Bruce handles his superhero inventory. The way he swings around Gotham is surely the dream of many around the world.

The Goo Shooter

Among my favourites in Batman’s belongings

The neon-blue brightly shining gun is among my personal favourite superhero belongings.

Spotted for the first time in 1995's “Batman Forever” the sparkly blue device shoots a blobby, sticky and really dense substance, that paralyses all villains on site.

Superhero inventory. The Goo Shooter

Imagine what prime spot would this gun hold among your most personal belongings. I would love to spend a few hours in Batman’s inventory stash. Who knows what else he has in stock!

The Shark Repellent!

There’s a shark repellent in Batman’s inventory??

Okay, this is more than hilarious, but it’s Batman!

The shark repellent is surely among the silliest of Batman’s specialized inventory items. As a matter of fact, in World Ward II scientist have looked for ways to protect avio-fighers and for some time it was considered that the scent of a dead shark can scare others away but in practice.. You would not want to be in the ocean with a dead shark near you no matter how fance your gizmo inventory is. For some time copper-acetate has been a widespread idea but in the real world sharks didn’t really bother.. Apparently Batman’s inventory hasn’t always been uber cool. An aerosol shark repellent? Cummon..

The Sonic Bat Device

There’s no doubt about it — many would find this gizmo to be more than a nightmare, but for Bruce it adds the real bats touch to his appearance. It reminds me a bit of Darkwing Duck’s smoke trick.

In some Batman episodes and movies the high frequency emitter is located in the right shoe, allowing the almost instant summit of tens and tens of bats!

Now how 1939 spooky is that!

The Bat Pod

If you are not Batman certified you might consider it is a motorcycle. In the “Dark Knight” it is a part of the Tubmler. We could say it is not the regular motorcycle since it’s driven by Batman’s body, rather than by the standart handles appпroach.

The vehicle is armed better than Iron man himself!

You have cannons, machine guns, rocket launchers and of course — hooks. Batman loves grapping hooks. Peculiar about the Bat pod is the experimental in-wheel engine technology, which is near reality nowadays.

As a London person I’m used to the lack of sunlight, which maybe explains why I could go on with my inventory for ages..

Bat-Cat for the win!