Germaine Greer is not a feminist.

TW: TERF bullshit, mention of rape and child rape apologia, transphobia/transmisogyny.

When I heard that Greer ‘attacks’ the #MeToo movement, my immediate thoughts were: really? Germaine Greer? Germaine child-rape-apologist Greer? Germaine who-literally-wrote-a-book-sexualising-little-boys Greer? Let me be clear, this is Germaine Greer who plays devil’s advocate (if not outright apologist) for child predators, not least among which includes Helen Goddard a teacher who seduced and raped a 15 year old girl. Germaine Greer who says that child brides are not forced into sex. Germaine Greer who popularised the misogynist and queerphobic term “lipstick lesbian”. Germaine Greer who denies the existence of transgender people who experience an unprecedented amount of sexual harassment and rape.

Germaine Greer calls the #MeToo movement “whingeing” because ostensibly sexual assault isn’t serious now. She says that “in the old days”… “in the old days” — if that isn’t a red flag… that women would slap down men. What world does she live in? What imaginary world existed “in the old days” where women were safer in the work place. What imaginary world does she live in where women “in the old days” would still have her job if she in any way challenged a man, never mind slapped him. Secondly, does she know what men do to us? Germaine Greer is the epitome of white cis privilege: a world in which her actions have zero repercussions. She has always had the cushion of her whiteness and her cisgender status to fall back on, luxuries that trans people and women of colour simply do not have, luxuries that repeated victims of sexual assault, poor women, chronically ill women do not have. And how much like a white cis woman is it to suggest escalating a situation is a solution to it? I’ve been beaten up for breathing in public, can you imagine what would happen if I slapped a man for any reason?

Greer writes that “in the old days” women would spread their legs for a Weinstein movie and that this was tantamount to consent. And this is always curious to me because, firstly, she obviously doesn’t understand what sexual assault is, and secondly why is it that selling your body is okay to climb a corporate ladder, but sex workers on the street are traitorous devils according to TERFs and SWERFs? Greer and her contemporaries have zero point of consensus among themselves and amongst each other (which is generally a good barometer for fascism which mutates its abuses to suit its needs). Also, I’m not entirely sure if Greer thinks that the coercion of women in the workplace is a good thing? Is she suggesting that it is? It sounds like it. She’s certainly got some thick rose tinted glasses on when it comes to them thar good ol’days.

Again of course, Greer defends sexual predators like Weinstein and Woody Allen while in the same breath then goes on to say that rape as a crime should be abolished and that rape victims should act in ways that she deems worthy of rape victims.


Notice how eager Greer and her contemporaries are when it comes to throwing all victims of sexual harassment, assault and rape under the bus. How exactly is she a feminist? She doesn’t stand for anyone whatsoever. It’s the feminism of ideas not people. Her feminism isn’t concerned with any human being. Its empty concepts, but then again, what else is white feminism and cisgender feminism all about? She epitomises the nature of white and cisgender feminist thought. Of course she would attack #MeToo, because she’s all about “Me First”. If her feminism isn’t neatly revolving around the centre of her head it doesn’t concern her. Hers is the feminism of “As long as I’m safe, as long as my rights are protected, as long as I’m the focus of feminism, then nobody else can be a victim. They should be grateful I even mentioned them.”

So no, Germaine Greer is not a feminist. Feminism is about empowering women. She does the exact opposite. Feminism is about amplifying women’s voices. She does the exact opposite. Feminism is about humanising the struggles of women. She does the exact opposite. Feminism is about inclusion and understanding and validating all women. She does the exact opposite. Feminism is about challenging the abuse women endure, not attacking the victims of abuse. Germaine Greer is a feminist like Donald Trump is a humanitarian.

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