Why Clarity is Everything

Clarity is often considered when writing or communicating to one another. However what would happen if I asked you if you had clarity in all aspects of your life? Clarity can not only help you think clearly, but it can reduce stress, provide better performance and can help you achieve your goals, regardless of what they are.

The best book I can advise you with is Jamie Smart’s The Little Book of Clarity. It may be little, as the title suggests but my, it is mighty! Each chapter explains how best to open yourself up to clarity and provides thought exercises and links towards the end of each chapter. To give you an idea of what the book explains, I have provided an equation that crops up in almost every chapter.

Clarity= Capacity — Contamination

To give you an example of how this works, a contaminated thought may be something like, ‘I’ll be (happy, secure, successful) when I …’. The contamination is when someone believes an outcome will fulfil an emotion. I.e ‘I’ll be more confident when I’ve lost 10 pounds’. The truth is, you don’t know that losing 10 pounds will actually make you more confident. So if you rid yourself of this type of contaminated thinking, clarity will occur.

I remember re-reading my essay for university after reading Jamie Smart’s book and thinking to myself, what on earth am I going on about? Since editing it with a clearer mind, my score improved by a full grade boundary.

Having clarity can even improve your presence in the world. You may feel that you know what is going on in the world but contaminated thinking may be clogging your insight.

An example of this could be the EU referendum. Politicians are stating left, right and centre that staying in the EU will force the NHS to close down and Leaving the EU will disrupt our trade in Europe. Both of which are using the outside-in way of thinking, which results in contaminated thinking. The best way to be more present within the world and its surroundings would be to think of Jamie Smart’s approach to time.

‘There is only ever this moment. The present is all there is… The future and past are THOUGHT-generated illusions… Illusions that you only ever experience in the here now…’

This helps you identify with what’s going on around you and for the time being, this is all there is. When your mind is opened up to clarity like this, it helps you understand what is truly important, how much time you have to complete tasks and how to find solutions to your problems. If you want more information about clarity or the book then go to www.LittleBookOfClarity.com

I would definitely recommend his book to anyone because it’s the type of book that you can keep going back to and it will be waiting for you. Even if you write the above quote down and remind yourself each day of it. You will have a better sense of clarity, will be more productive and may feel that you are living each day to its fullest.

remember: clarity is everything.