How To Programme Your RAS With A Vision Board

Every January, as part of our Driven Woman workshop we create a vision board for the year. Last year when I created my vision board, I had decided to go back into full time work after taking out a year to work on my start-up. My vision board was quite basic, I wasn’t in a very creative mind-set and I was very focussed on finding a job. Looking back on this time last year I was in a very different place.

This year, I am working for a fantastic, innovative and creative company and I am in a great place (mentally). So when I was creating my vision board I was able to focus on myself and how I want my year to look. My goal this year is to fully find myself and define my own brand, what am I interested in? How do I want people to see me? My board pretty much sums it up.

Programming Your RAS:

Creating a vision board isn’t just a fun activity for setting a few yearly goals, there is actually a science behind it. There is a section of your brain called “The Reticular Activating System” (RAS) that is programmed by your thoughts. It is a filtering system that controls your consciousness.

Whatever you think about, your RAS attracts and filters out everything else. For example, a few years ago I was lucky enough to purchase my dream car, a VW Beetle (beige with a black roof.) I thought it was quite a unique car as I never saw many of them around. However, when I was doing my car research I saw them everywhere! This wasn’t a coincidence, my RAS knew that the VW Beetle (in that colour) was important to me at that time, so it filtered out all the others cars.

Other examples of your RAS in action:

  • Being in a crowded noisy room, having a conversation with someone but managing to drown out the noise to listen to someone talking about you a few metres away.
  • Being conscious of your weight and only noticing the people on the beach who are in perfect shape.
  • You sleep through a crying baby on the plane but as soon as it’s your baby crying in the other room, you will wake up from the deepest sleep.

The RAS can also be negative

Unfortunately, your RAS also works the other way, so if you have negative thoughts, your RAS will pick up on them and you could attract more negativity into your life. If you are having a bad day, it is likely that lots of bad things will happen throughout the day because you are focussing on the fact that it is a bad day.

If your RAS can do this without you realising, imagine what it could do if you used it properly?

If you create a vision board and put it up somewhere in your house, or at work, so you can see it regularly throughout the day, you will constantly be reminded about what you want your RAS to focus on. John Assaraf’s story of how his vision board worked is a real eye-opener.

Have you created a vision board this year? I’d love to see it!