Host your web app on GitHub

Make use of GitHub’s free hosting.

Charlotte Pearce
Oct 29 · 2 min read

If you host your code repositories on GitHub, you can make use of their free hosting options! I’ve used this for apps I’ve made in JS that don’t require storage of information in a database — so, frontend only.
In this example, I’m hosting my browser drum sequencer app — ClickTapBeats.

Go to your repo’s page on GitHub (or make a new one!) and find the settings tab on the far right of the page. Click that and scroll down the settings to the GitHub Pages header. At the moment, it’s set to ‘none’ and there’s no theme. You can play around with the themes they offer here and apply them to your app as you wish!

Select the working branch of your app (presumably your master branch!), and the page should refresh — your app is hosted!

To find the address of your new app, scroll down to the GitHub Pages header again and you should see the link! Copy, share and boast about your ace new app!

I hope this was handy — please ask any questions in the comment section below and clap if you liked this post!

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