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If you are like me and couldn’t wait to discover the outfits at the Inauguration, you will love this article.

Thank God everything went smoothly during the ceremony so I could keep this post light and fun.

The guests were at their fashionable best which made it difficult to select my top 10. After much deliberation, I chose these great looks.



Look at these Kweens

Start healing the darkness then align with the light

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Poet Amanda Gorman was a ray of light at the Inauguration.

Her unforgettable poem, “The Hill We Climb” captivated millions of hearts across the globe.

Her simple words reminded everyone that no matter how hard things might be, there is always the light at the end of the tunnel.

The gorgeous poet was born in Los Angeles. She was a Youth Poet Laureate in 2014 and a National Youth Poet Laureate three years later.

Her brilliant work focuses on issues like oppression, feminism, race and the African diaspora. Themes often tackled in stories from the legendary Maya Angelou.

Gorman paid tribute to the inspiring author by wearing a caged bird ring. …

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Happy Inauguration Day

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A micro play that deals with Anna Wintour’s bitchiness

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Anna Wintour: Vogue’s Editor-in-chief

Sam: Wintour’s assistant

Kamala Harris: Vice President-elect and Vogue’s cover girl

Trisha: Harris’ assistant

At Anna Wintour’s office

Sam: So, what’s the plan for THAT Kamala cover?

Wintour: You do nothing, just stand there and look pretty!

Sam: Come on, you can tell me.

Wintour: There is nothing to say.

Sam: Yeah right…

Wintour: And what’s that supposed to mean?

Sam: I don’t believe you are going to let things go smoothly, I mean you are YOU.

Wintour: YOU?!?

Sam (scared): You are the mean Queen of fashion, the dream killer, the fashion she-devil, the…

Wintour (smiles): Enough Sam, flattery doesn’t work with me. …

Get ready to be dazzled and inspired by the work of graphic designer Jacque Njeri

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MaaSci by Jacque Njeri from Instagram / of_njeri

Jacque Njeri wanted to pay tribute to the Maasai, so she created a sensational art project called “MaaSci”.

The brilliant artist presented a vibrant collection of digital collages that imagines the Maasai in outer space.

The semi-nomadic tribe is the perfect candidate for space exploration because of their constant desire to move. Furthermore, their fascinating spiritual beliefs are also a source of inspiration.

The Maasai are monotheist and believe in Enkai, a wise God who has two sides.

Black-Narok, the black God, is beloved. He is found in thunder and rain.

Enkai-na-Nyokie is the vengeful Red God who brings famine and hunger. …

Reset your brain in 20 minutes

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Painting by Beth Nadler Art from Pinterest

The minutes after you wake up can be rough, I used to feel grumpy and tired.

In other words, I wasn’t ready to deal with life.

Things started to change for me when I decided to face my demons and do shadow work. My body was stuck in the past, which prevented any meaningful change.

No matter how hard I tried, things were still the same, especially in the morning.

Feelings are the language of the body, so since the start of December, I have worked hard to free the energy stuck inside of it.

It dawns on me it’s essential to train my body like a pet to let him know I am in charge. …


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