Every single day, I discover how nasty people are towards autistic children, and it breaks my heart

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Image by Emma Matthews from Unsplash

I have been quiet on Medium these past few weeks because my work with autistic children has affected me.

I am grateful to be able to get involved with these brilliant and sensitive children. I cannot stand that they and their families are suffering because of the attitude of “normal” people.

It is difficult to make readers understand what I truly mean because I don’t want to go into details about my experience at school.

I have spent sleepless nights thinking about why…

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Art by Paula Jane Marie from pictorem.com

A Monday poem to re-invent yourself

The artists celebrate black women in striking fashion

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Neru by Paul Lewin from Paullewinart.com

Afrofuturism combines science-fiction, history and fantasy to celebrate black people. As Paul Lewin stated:

“I believe all art by people of colour is important to the concept of valuing Black life.”

In his work, Lewin takes inspiration from folklore, surrealism and science-fiction to create mind-blowing paintings.

The brilliant artist was born in Jamaica then moved to Miami as a child. He has always been fascinated by Jamaican folklore stories told by his parents. They usually combine African tradition and local mythology.

He wanted to continue the storytelling tradition through his paintings and look towards sci-fi to enhance his message.


I am grateful for this opportunity

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Credit: Silver Shine/ Flicker (cc BY- SA 2.0)

On February we celebrate Black History Month thanks to the vision of Carter G. Woodson

He got the idea in 1915 after attending a celebration in Illinois for the 50th anniversary of the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery in the Deep South.

Woodson was a historian and former student at Harvard. Through sheer tenacity, he taught himself English literature and Arithmetic. He finished high school in two years, got an MA from the University of Chicago and a Doctorate from Harvard.

Carter G. Woodson was upset with white school leaders who resisted any effort to transform the curriculum to include…

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Doors of India from www2.artflakes.com (Pinterest)

A Monday poem

Every little thing we do count in saving the planet

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Art by 588 ku from pngtree.com

We are all aware that the planet is in danger.

Human activities have a huge effect on animal extinction and pollution.

The planet can be saved if you, me and our friends commit to small change on a daily basis.

Every little bit counts but things can be tricky when we don’t know where to start.

After reading countless articles on the environment, I have come up with an eco-friendly survey.

Answer these questions to discover a character trait that will inspire you to save the planet.

1. Do you recycle?

A: Always

B: Sometimes

C: I am thinking about it

2. If you had a green superpower, what would it be?

A: Turn every…

Cotton became king in the U.S. thanks to the former French queen

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Painting by Vigée Le Brun / Alarmy stock photo

In 1783, Marie Antoinette posed for painter Elisabet Louise Vigée Le Brun in a simple cotton gown.

Unbeknownst to her, this portrait is now viewed by many historians as the dress that ignited the slave trade.

Marie Antoinette was famous for her lavish spending and over the top fashion. In the Vigée Le Brun’s portrait, her simple attire caused a stir.

Her critics viewed the dress as too raunchy because of the thin white fabric. Besides, the former queen was called a traitor because she wore cotton.

French people despised this fabric because it was associated with the English, their…

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