5 Sailing Quotes for Your Business

“No one can be a better captain of your ship than yourself” — Edmond Mbiaka

There are many functions in your business you can outsource. And one you never should — being the leader. No one else has your vision or commitment.

“To be successful at sea we must keep things simple.” — Pete Culler

Simplicity isn’t just more elegant. It’s more reliable and less expensive. Keep your systems simple, and you’ll grow your business with much less stress.

“Sailors, with their built-in sense of order, service, and discipline, should really be running the world.” — Nicholas Monsarrat

He left out adventurous. Growing a business is also about being brave and willing to venture to new lands.

“He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast.” — Leonardo da Vinci

Have a plan. Always have a plan.

“The goal is not to sail the boat, but rather to help the boat sail herself.” — John Rousmaniere

When your business systems are in place, your business will thrive. You’re the captain who monitors the heading and makes adjustments to stay on course. And enjoys the journey.



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Charlotte S Hicks

Charlotte S Hicks

I help companies refine their brand message, simplify their marketing, and establish a path to sustainable, reliable growth. www.nowpreneur.com