mevantash57 — I suggest that the main reason Trump won was because the media repeatedly took the bait, following meaningless statements down the rabbit warren. Trump lives by the old PR mantra “all publicity is good publicity”. He knows he’s lying, he doesn’t care. The more blatant the lie, the more media coverage Trump gets. Negative Schmegative. His followers already don’t care whether what he says is reasonable or not, the truth or not — they simply cheer him regardless because he’s at the top of the news every day, all day. And the media wastes a lot of time pointing out the untruths while voters just shrugged. It’s all a major distraction. When I asked an acquaintance why she was such a passionate supporter of Trump, she said that “he tells the truth, he speaks his mind.” “He speaks for me.” “He’s a family man, and his kids turned out so great.” (Hillary Clinton said the same thing in the debate, but only Donald and a few insiders knew that it was an insult, not a compliment, it went over voters’ heads.)

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