Actually, you forgot these other categories:
Tom Ritchford

Whatever it takes to get rid of these evil people. How do you all “KNOW” all these facts, i.e., that Trump is not colluding with Russia. You trust this piece of s___? If so, then yes, you are a Trump lover committed to defending him no matter what. Bunch of hypocrites-I agree the Dems did whatever they could to thwart Bernie Sanders. That does not mean Trump is not guilty of inviting the devil in. People like the ones commenting here that “just want to be fair” are adding fuel to the fire for those of us who feel he is very dangerous as is his staff. I have no doubt he colluded with Russia, whether the Dems messed around to get rid of Sanders of not. I believe he owes Putin millions and is under heavy financial obligations to him. That is what I believe, not a statement of fact. Nor do any of you actually “KNOW” what happened with Bernie vs. Hillary.

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