10 Best Low-Maintenance Flowers for Effortless Garden

Adding a bit color to your backyard with a bunch of beautiful flowers sounds like a great idea. Until your favourite buds and leaves turn yellow and eventually die. Don’t get discouraged if this one of your many failed attempts to grow a lush flower garden. Gardening has its fair share of difficulties, but some plants can make it even worst. If you are not blessed with a green thumb or you simply can’t dedicate enough time to your garden, then you can try these easy-care plants that won’t die on you.

  1. Coneflowers

These beauties have become a garden staple because of their easy maintenance and bright blooms. These flowers are relatively tolerant to drought and do well in both full sun and partial shade. Coneflowers are the ideal companion plants, attracting birds, bees and butterflies. You can pick from a wide variety of bright and colorful blooms, including pink, yellow, crimson, orange and white.

2. Daylily

Daylilies are the perfect choice for sloppy gardeners. These robust and adaptable perennials can survive draught, flooding and salt and will thrive perfectly in your garden for years with little or no care. The plants will produce an abundance of flower buds in yellow, purple, red and orange shades.

3. Cosmos

If like large and showy flowers, they you’ll love Cosmos. These annuals are pretty hassle-free and make great border or container plants. You don’t even need to reseed them every year, as they do it on its own. Simply put it in the sunny part of your garden and it will thrive.

4. Agastache

Agastache is easy to grow and effortless to maintain perennial. Even if it stays neglected for a while, it will do just perfectly. The aromatic flower will invite a whole lot of wild life in your garden. The spiky greenery will not be harmed by the early frost or excessive heat.

5. Coreopsis

Often referred as tickseed or pot of gold, these sunny flowers will add unique twist to your garden. Coreopsis plants come in a wide variety and can be annual or perennial. Aside from the traditional yellow flowers, you can also find pink, red, orange and white blooms.

6. Pasque Flower

If you want to add texture and individuality to your backyard, then you should definitely consider pasque flowers. These perennials originally come from the alpine meadows of Europe and prefer sites with full sun, except for areas with hot summer. In this case, you need to allow afternoon shade to your gorgeous purple flower.

7. Yarrow

Like other wildflowers, yarrow is well suited in all growing conditions. This lovely greenery is worth planting for its long season blooms. Yarrow doesn’t need a lot of attention and will do just fine on its own.

8. Ornamental Grass

Looking for a great garden backdrop? Try ornamental grass. From switchgrass and foutaingrass to feather red grass, these low-maintenance additions will fit any garden style. Consult with professional gardeners for the best type for your area.

9. Lantana

With its opulent blooms and trouble-free care, lantana is your gardening dream. You may need to keep this perennial at home during the winter to protect it from the cold.

10. Hosta

Have a shady backyard? No problem. Hosta is an easy-to-grow, shade-loving flower, available in various shapes and sizes. Though, it prefers moist soil, avoid over watering it.

My name is Charlotte and I love to share for my passions about gardening, design, art and photography

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