Makers Academy Day 43


Something that I’ve been working on improving this week has been my use of shortcuts. One of the major benefits of using shortcuts is that it saves time. This in turn makes the whole process of coding feel much more efficient. I have especially noticed when pairing with others how the zippy use of shortcuts makes developers seem much more in control and confident. I guess it’s adding more tools to your developer toolbox in the bid to become as fast and accurate as possible. One of the benefits of learning VIM is that it shows there is indeed a shortcut for most things.

I use Atom and initially felt a bit overwhelmed by the number of shortcuts. I’ve been strategic in learning shortcuts by observing what feels laborious and time consuming when I code. Doing my Daily Kata has given me a focused amount of time in the day to focus on these small improvements, with the view to it having an accumulative effect.

One of the main things I noticed was that I was overusing the mouse: clicking between documents; using it to highlight text etc. These are a few shortcuts I’ve found immediately very useful:

Searching through files:

Cmd + alt + left/ right arrow
Cmd + alt + left/ right arrow
Cmd + b
Cmd + t

Opening or closing ‘tree view’ in Atom (to avoid seeing all files on the side bar):

Cmd + \

Highlighting text:

Shift + left/ right arrow
Cmd + shift + up/down
Cmd + \

There are lots of handy shortcut cheatsheets that I’ll continue to refer to as I bring in more shortcuts.