It’s Touch, Not Sex
Charlie Williams


I don't know if this is a cultural difference, or even a gender issue, but my experience is so different from yours, that I see immediately why people might find this app a little odd.

I'm a 30 something married mother and I am touched all the time. While the vast majority of this is from my husband and child, even without that I would say I am touched on a daily basis. A hand on my shoulder from a boss who is talking to me, a hug or touch on the arm from a friend, colleagues or acquaintances who amuse themselves by pinging my curly hair, and countless countless cuddles from my daughters friends.

Perhaps I am super aware of touch because I generally dislike it. I am very defensive of my personal space and loathe others intruding on it, especially if I am unclear as to their agenda. After all not all the touching is done in an affectionate manner, some is just the general intrusions of daily life — being jostled on a packed bus for instance, but some is overtly intrusive and just wrong — the man who thinks the best way to introduce himself is to put his arm round my waist…or worse.

The thought of an app to experience even more touching makes me uncomfortable, as it seems that its aim is to set you up to cuddle with strangers. Why cant you get your cuddle needs met from friends or family? I fully agree that affection shouldn't be limited to your sexual partner, but surely there are other people who share your life who could hug you. If you don't have any family, or no friends, maybe that is a bigger issue that needs to be addressed first. If you’re having trouble forming relationships with people that allow for a space for affection, surely you are trying to run before you can walk by thrusting yourself onto a stranger. If you crave affection, it seems hollow to seek it from someone with no connection to you at all.

That isn't intimacy, its just proximity.

I might be wrong, and if I'm looking at this from the wrong angle I am more than happy to hear another side of it, but for me, cuddling a stranger would leave me wondering what kind of person they are to need such a thing…..

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