How to get an Accurate Psychic Email Reading Online

It is easy to get a clairvoyant psychic reading online, very easy, there are always people eager to pop up in chat rooms and forums trying to show off about their “skills” and offering free readings to the gullible. The gullible will then eagerly say yes please because it has been handed to them on a plate and not costing a cent. With no thought to how it is not worth having and can be harmful if they tell you things which are not true and you believe them.

It is far more difficult to get a genuine and helpful, accurate psychic email reading online. One which is accurate and helpful is quite another matter.

Unfortunately, if someone is chatty and friendly they can get away with pretending for a while and it is easier to fool those who are not experts in this field themselves. I have come across a lot of women, usually elderly, who decide that they are short of money and too old or unfit to do physical work, usually cleaners, so they think what can I do that is easier and more fun and pays more, and then suddenly for the first time in their life at the age of sixty five they decide to say they are clairvoyant. It does not occur to a lot of people that it is strange that the “calling” only happened when they got their dodgy knee playing up again. If they tell people what they want to hear, no matter how harmful this is in the long run, they can get away with it for quite a while.

The amateurs and the pretenders will tend to tell people what they want to hear — they are not really concerned with their welfare — if they were they would not be offering them “readings” which are false. They just want to get a pat on the back and no hassle, some money and an easy life. On the other side of the coin there are clients who would shout at, swear and be verbally and maybe physically abusive to “psychics” who do not tell them what they want to hear and this can be quite scary, so you can see why some would just tell people what they want to hear! The serious psychic, such as myself, the one who has a reputation they have built up over many years, will think far too much of their clients to tell them false hopes and promises (LIES).

Before you choose who you will consult for your clairvoyant reading remember these words.

Always go to a self employed person. If they work for an agency, call centre or premium rate line do not touch them. A good clairvoyant, a smart serious one, will be self employed. And that means investing time and money in a website and all that goes with it. The ones who work for agencies are often only popping up just before Christmas or their holiday to earn a few dollars to help pay for it, and then disappearing, with no training or skills, no expertise or experience, many of them also do sex chat calls from the same firm.

Good clairvoyants would not be willing or needing to consider working the way the agencies ask them to. Very low pay, only being paid when on the phone, often being asked to sit and wait for a call all evening, weekend or night with no promise of any calls at all. Only those who cannot get proper clients on more normal and nicer terms would put up with it.

Go to a website and check it out. Look for proof the clairvoyant is reputable. Not just waffle about how much they enjoy doing it, not just rambling, but black and white facts. Have they been tested and accredited by a proper organisation? Have they got testimonials from people that matter? When an expert judges them to be good that is a proper testimonial. When the lady from around the corner wanted to hear that she would win the lottery soon and heard something she liked that is not the same.

Decide if you want a phone or an email reading. What suits one would not suit another and it also depends on how far away you live from the reader, their working hours and when you can speak to them on the phone! I have clients who ring me from the other side of the World for their phone readings, but as I work normal hours they have to fit in with my hours to do that, otherwise I would never get any time off to do normal things — yes even psychics enjoy seeing their loved ones, going out etc — rest or sleep. Emails are far better for those who are worried about timing or/and very busy, also those who have a bad memory and want to be word sure of what was said maybe years later.

Look for a price you can afford but do not be mean and greedy and try to get it very cheap. This usually backfires. Only minutes ago I read an article on this very site by someone who went to a fortune teller and was glad to hear it would only cost a few dollars and then found out the fortune teller expected a huge sum of money to remove a non existent curse. There is no such thing as a bargain that works all one way in any business transaction. By all means avoid the very expensive ones if you are short but be realistic. Some people moan about a clairvoyant charging quite a realistic price when looking at how qualified and experienced they are and the skills and help they receive.

A therapist can charge you £60 just to chat for an hour, so paying the same to a clairvoyant for a reading sounds fair, and a good one with a lot of experience and accolades will charge more. They also have their expenses to cover, and the fact that unlike many other jobs they do not receive sick pay or holiday pay from a firm, when they are not earning for any reason they get nothing coming in. Some clairvoyants rely on their husbands to foot the bills, which is not at all fair on the husbands and husband should not have to subsidise clients so they get bargain priced readings.

I saw a website recently where a fortune teller was asking for £250 for an email reading, it sounded rather high to me, but if you do not like it or do not think it is worth it just go to someone else. And remember that clairvoyants are often very busy with clients, they may be so busy that they would barely notice if you went elsewhere. Please have respect for the psychic. They want to help you but you must be fair to them. Most days I get contacts from people who tell me they are poor and have no job and lots of problems and nag me to do them free readings — which would cost me money to do as I would have to turn away other clients to fit them in AND I have expenses. Value the help you are wanting the clairvoyant to give you and remember they also need some kindness and food on the table.

You can see my website at everything is explained and my testimonials — a lot of them — are crystal clear.

A few months ago I had a lady contact me who had had a lot of email and phone readings from me. She said to me in her contact that her, her mother and her sister were all coming to see me that sunday for a reading. This was news to me as I never see anyone face to face, nor do I work sunday! An amateur will gladly cancel their day out or their day with husband or children to get a few pounds, but the experienced, popular professional will need a rest after working all week with clients who fit into their schedule. They are cancelling their family day for money, not because they care. If they were truly any good at doing readings they could make sure they were busy when it suits them to work and turn away people who want them to work unsocial hours. It is psychics who are that busy who are worth consulting, not the others who are so desperate they would cancel their one day a week with family to earn a few bucks!

If you rang three plumbers up about coming to repair your boiler and one said he could come any time you want, straight away if you want, this would make you suspicious. If he said he would cancel his day with his family to come over sunday, you would be suspicious. The plumber who has other bookings would be the one to hire.

Look for a clairvoyant who offers a good choice of readings. Not just the tarot cards or crystal ball. This is too limited, it might well be the wrong method for what you want and then where does it leave you? Each method can help in different ways, it is not a case of how one is more accurate than another, just about which is most suitable. Many less accomplished and talented clairvoyants do not realise this or care and will tell you that their method is fine, either because they lack this knowledge or do not care. Many are not interested in studying and developing so that they can do various methods, it takes a lot of time and dedication, but one who takes it that seriously is bound to be better for you anyway. Predicting the future, answering questions and solving problems is a very big responsibility and serious matter.