My name is Beth Shepherd and I am relating how I got into working as a full time professional psychic and agony aunt advisor, helping people with relationships issues and needing advice. I am now aged sixty and have been doing this for a very long time, beginning as a full time professional when about twenty years of age. Despite the problems I faced then, and there were many, many which would have put off a lot of weaker or less determined people, it has been an interesting journey and a life very different to most.

I began working from my spare room in my little pokey house in the worst part of town, a house I was paying a loan on alone, so I had to be careful about making sure I earnt enough to foot the bill. I was frugal and made sure that I never wasted a cent, so could not afford luxuries like a day off, things that many take for granted. In those days I had to have lodgers living in my spare rooms just to get by, with no privacy or spare time. There was a slow start as I established myself as the clairvoyant in the area but eventually my reputation grew as people would recommend me to others and return regularly. Then it was a matter of becoming well known further afield with people wanting me to send them a psychic email reading or speak to them on the phone, and this led to the newspapers and magazines and many celebrity clients with offers of radio and television work.

Over the years things changed. To begin with psychics would advertise in their local newspaper and get people phone and arrange to come over. Gradually this changed as phone readings became the new thing, I was one of the very first to set up a phone reading service and soon had to get a lot of staff to cover all of the calls and the long hours. Email readings have come and gone along the way, sadly there are a lot of bored housewives and unskilled people out there saying they can do them and trying to bluff their way through it for a thrill or for money. Only consult a properly qualified, tried and tested clairvoyant with proper experience as the wannabee or the fake can mislead you with false information that gets you to waste time on the wrong goals, people and ambitions. You would never get back that time and you would have missed other opportunities in the meantime. It could be virtually fatal if they encourage you to settle down with a man who is wrong for you.

People often get jealous of a psychic who ends up doing reasonably well but always seem to forget that if money was their motivation they could have earnt more far easier some other way. I had given up a very well paid job with a very good guaranteed salary, holidays and sick pay to earn far less for longer hours. It is unusual for a bad or fake clairvoyant to get to the point of being well known — I have known and do know of a few — but generally speaking if they go through all of that hassle, sacrifices and time they are the real deal and only get to the finishing line because people see it. If they are still around many years later, as I am, then they are dedicated and it is a lifestyle as well as a job.

Some clairvoyants such as myself can afford to retire and they would have a far easier life and a lot more time if they did, but because this runs in their veins they continue with it. I have continued with it, despite being able to retire financially, for a long time.

I now work by phone and psychic email readings, but I am not desperate for new clients, far from it, and I do not need to bend over backwards to accommodate unrealistic or selfish new clients who expect me to give up an evening to them when I have already worked hard all day, or be available on a sunday when they could make sure they come during my working hours. One of the problems with working as a psychic is that there are so many amateurs out there doing it as a hobby, sometimes for pin money, that people tend to expect the same to apply to the more serious full time professionals. Where an amateur would jump at the chance of some recognition, interest, meeting a new face and a little money and gladly rearrange their weekend to get it, the serious full timer does not have to, they get a lot of interest and earn a decent amount from their existing clients who consult them at normal times with appointments not to have to. Yes we want to help people but we are not obsessed with that or in earning, so we make sure we build in me time, relaxation time, family and going out time so that we are not working too much and not getting exhausted. (If I was obsessed with earning I would have stuck to my original 9–5 career paid a lot more and also paid holidays and sick pay). We need to see other people and do other things too, and have a balanced life and fresh air, otherwise we would become useless to our family, ourselves and our clients.

There are times when a professional psychic is also an empath, which is the case with me. This means that I feel whatever the client feels whether it be worry, fear, abandonment, lack of confidence, anger or whatever, and this can make it more exhausting. We often get clients who are not open and honest with us about what is happening to them and how they feel but we still know because for a while we feel what they feel. An empath finds it harder to relax and blend in with people because they are always aware of what is going on with the others in their mind and their soul and can get easily irritated by people, especially those who lie or come across as boring, immature or selfish.

Some clairvoyants will want to be with others who claim to be clairvoyant all of the time, boring them with wanting to practice and swap tarot card readings or messages, but an empath will want to keep themselves to themselves more and be far more fussy about who they get close or open up to. If they have been working hard with clients they will then need to turn off and not want to think about that in their relaxation time. Any psychic who wants to constantly think about it and talk about it tends to be an amateur who is hankering after clients but cannot get them, so makes do with chatting to others about it. Beware of those who are falling over themselves to do free or very cheap readings. If they were any good they would be swamped and very busy with bargain hunters eager to enjoy a good reading free or cheap.

My name is Beth Shepherd, the famous psychic medium in the UK. You can read me at You will see that you can use the free prayer forum and the free psychic colour reading page there too, with no obligation and no signing up.

I now have a wonderful partner who cares for me deeply — I have the sense to stay single if the man is not wonderful and we are not compatible.

Important — please do not try to contact me through this or other sites. I am very busy with clients and their consultations and do not have time to check or get back to messages elsewhere. If you really need to contact me go to my site and arrange an email consultation with me there.