Feeling stuck ? These two things helped me.

After sharing my initial business idea in front of the start-up Tribe, I felt a moment of excitement and clarity.

But, I’ll be honest.

This week I’ve been struggling. Not sleeping. Trying to figure it all out. Connect all the dots together.

My idea of creating a business based on storytelling is all encompassing. It seems like it could be adapted to suit so many audiences. But which one? Narrowing down is tricky. It’s also scary. I don’t want to miss out on something.

The result — I feel stuck. A familiar pattern for me. It’s uncomfortable. The easiest and the worst thing to do is to do nothing. I know that but yet it’s often the trap I fall into.

Though this time it was different.


1) Accountability

I have a Tribe that I’m accountable to. On my own, I would have let the overwhelm consume me. And I did for a while but then I reached out to my Tribe. They encouraged me to take one small step and I did.

Simply because I said I would. I hate breaking promises.

Sure the result did not feel quite right and I still don’t know it’s the market I could best serve. But I would never realised this without taking action. I’m one small step closer.

2) Active Listening

The power of active listening is something I have come to experience at Escape the City.

It’s powerful to be listened to. I mean really listened to not just a head shake and an ‘uh huh’ as people drift off imagining what they are going to eat for dinner.

This is different.

I spoke to one of the Tribe Leaders who fully listened to me and repeated what I was saying back to me.

Simple but powerful.

I’ll admit, I’m still confused. It’s not all crystal. Sure, I know that clarity comes from action but I still struggle with it.

However, when you’re feeling a bit wobbly, having people to lean against is the difference between falling over or taking one step forward.