Hey, Homeslice! Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden

19 February 2016

It’s Friday, and what better way to celebrate than with giant pizza!

I’ve got my brother in town and since this little pizza joint has been recommended to me by a friend, I have been desperate to try it out.

Hidden within the colourful folds of Neals Yard, we stepped in from a pink and blue painted street and were greeted by buzzing staff, full tables and the most incredible smell.

Homeslice is fronted with great glass doors, which open out onto the street and the restaurant is filled with long wooden tables where everyone gets friendly with their neighbour.

It is characterised by a friendly, no-fuss feel. Next to us, a couple argued over the last slice, a group of friends snapped pictures and a little girl licked her paper plate clean. Everything is very on-trend, with large distressed mirrors, factory lights and Italian tiles. The mood-boosting soundtrack of funk, soul and disco provides the perfect Friday night atmosphere.

We launched straight in with the drinks and ordered draught beer by the glass. Alongside your pizza, you can also have draught Prosecco or a selection of wines. Bought to the table in giant bottles, this wine is paid for by the centimetre, settled up with a ruler at the end of your meal.

Now onto the (very large) main course! The pizza! This Italian goodness can be eaten three ways, by the slice, by the mega-slice (a 20-incher to share) or a ‘half and half’ (a 20-incher with two flavours to share). The menu changes regularly with slightly more unusual ingredients such as haggis, smoked trout and bone marrow popping up now and then. We decided upon a 20 inch sharer, with both salami, rocket and parmesan and chorizo, corn and coriander.

The tiny kitchen opens up into the restaurant so you can see your 20in baby being made.

Our mammoth pizza was delivered to the table with just two paper plates and a pizza slice for you to fight your way through!

The pizza was tremendously thin, with a crusty base filled with toppings.

We battled our way through the mammoth dough monster. Homeslice is what you could call a social eating place where you arrive hungry and leave very happy!

Charlotte x


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