A cold beer in the rain

“Man. Nothing beats a cold beer on a warm summer evening” John muses out loud after taking a large sip of his newly opened beer.

“Agreed. There is nothing quit like it” Philip grins as he pops his own beer and leans back in his chair.

A wistful smile tugs on my lips as I observe my friends for a moment. Philip is all but slouching in his chair, his head tilted backwards to enjoy the warm summer sun. John on the other hand has abandoned his beer to put on some sunscreen.

A memory from a summer long ago comes to life in my mind, and a small smile forms on my lips. “I’m more fond of drinking beer in the rain” I confess after a while, chuckling lightly when both them raise their eyebrows in a silent question.

“Please tell me there is a good reason, Greg, or else I might have to reconsider being your friend” comes the dramatic response from Philip. He makes it sound like a scandal. Almost like I’ve kicked his puppy.

With a shake of my head and a wistful smile on my lips I explain.

“You guys remember that summer we stole some beer and went to that bonfire at the beach and it started to pour really hard? We were sixteen or something” At their nods I continue “Everyone ran like hell for cover. Except for Lisa. She just sat there sipping her beer like nothing had changed. It was like she didn’t realize it was raining. Not really knowing what to do I kind of froze right there. I don’t know how long we just sat there in the rain together, but when my clothes started sticking to my body I was ready to call it quits and run for shelter too. As I was about to rise from my seat in the sand she thrust her beer at me and asked if I wanted to share it with her. So we stayed and finished the beer” I trail of, replaying the scene in my head.

A short silence follows my explanation before John breaks it.

“So you no longer prefer a cold beer in the sun because the girl you had been crushing on since fifth year shared her beer with you while it was pouring?” I can see the laughter dance in their eyes, and I know they’re both dying to make fun. They’ve always been allergic to such romantic mush as they call it.

“Of course. That beer gave me the courage to finally ask her out. I actually shared a cold beer in the rain with her when I popped the question” I grin.

They can mock me all they want, after that night a cold beer in the sun never tasted as good as one in the pouring rain.