A small moment

My feet pad softly against the wooden porch as I make my way over to the white banister. A small breeze comes from the ocean, blowing small strands of my hair into all directions. I take a deep breath, reveling in the salty smell that hits my nose. I lean down and press my elbows on the banister, supporting my head with my hands as I stare transfixed at the sight before me.

The sun hangs low on the sky, just barely kissing the ocean line, an orange and pink color mixing itself in with the otherwise clear blue sky. Shame washes over me as stand there, because I can’t remember the last time I actually took the time to watch the sunset like this. No television on in the back ground, no phone chirping with messages. No everyday distractions.

Just the sound of the waves as they lap against the shore, the sunset and me.

I don’t know what exactly does it. The breeze? The smell of the ocean? The sight of the sunset? Or maybe its the sound of the waves? Something in that moment fills me with a peace I haven’t felt for a long, long time.

It’s not just any peace either — it’s the kind that makes your heart beat a little calmer.

It’s the kind that makes your mind go completely silent.

The kind that quiets your soul.

“Honey?! Have you seen my- never mind” reality calls from somewhere inside the house.

And the moment is gone.