Lax Season Coming to an End

The Marquette Lacrosse Team and I spent the weekend in Nashville for our final game of our season against Vanderbilt University. It was my first time in Nashville and It was a great city. My teammates and I were able to explore the city during the day. We went up and down Broadway street and we learned how to square dance in a local restaurant. We then took a tour of the Grand Ole Opry and got to see where the country singers dressing rooms were. We also were able to go on stage which was an awesome experience, because I am such a huge country music fan. The Grand Ole Opry is known as the most prestigious country music venue. We ended the day with practice and dinner back on Broadway street.

The next morning was Marquette Women’s Lacrosse final game day of the season. We ended on a high note in our last game against Vanderbilt University. It was a wild game that started outside in 80 degree weather and ended in the universities indoor field facility after a 30 minute rain delay.

Marquette Women’s Lacrosse Team in Nashville, TN

Claire Costanza who is a fifth year senior, tallied her 100th assist on the last goal of the game to Julianna Shearer. It was a bitter sweet moment for the two attackers to end on such a great play. The game was going back and forth the entire time until Marquette broke away and went up by two to finish strong. It was both teams last game of the season and each team was fighting hard to have a good ending. It felt great to end strong with a group of amazing seniors. Nashville was a fun trip that ended with a big win for the women’s lacrosse team.

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