Equalture’s Manifesto For Scalable Hiring.

Charlotte Melkert
Oct 3 · 5 min read

My twin sister, Fleur, and I started Equalture (a pre-selection technology to predict a candidate’s job fit and cultural fit) in 2018 because we firmly believe that your #1 recipe for company success is Scalable Hiring. In this manifesto we explain you what Scalable Hiring is and why your company can’t live without it.

Teams can make or break your business

The night that Fleur (my Co-Founder) and I were sitting on the floor, surrounded by 26 sheets of paper (which was the actual fundament of our company, Equalture), we read a quote stating the following:

HR isn’t just a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our businesses.

We couldn’t agree more on that. Although we might have the best ideas in the world, these ideas can and will never translate into successful businesses without a team that’s willing and capable to do so. And that’s the exact reason why so many startup will never become a scaleup.

It’s our ultimate goal to help young companies making their hiring scalable to be able to build winning teams and grow their businesses. And this is how.

Sustainable growth vs. growth enabling

© Roadmap to company sustainability

Growth. Growth that leads to sustainability. It’s the ultimate goal of every scaleup that’s aiming to conquer the world. The surprising thing however is that some startup/scaleup founders perceive their business case as the growth enabler and the team ‘just’ as an asset to actually grow.

If that’s what you’re thinking as well, I hope this manifesto is a wake up call for you — because a business case isn’t a company. It’s just your first step towards setting up a company and (hopefully) it’s the foundation of the vision you have for your company.

The actual growth enabler, however, is your team, or even more specific: Your hiring practices that form your team:

  • Your company isn’t sustainable when your potential market size is growing, while your market share is decreasing;
  • Your market share can’t grow when you’re not successfully growing (in terms of both sales and the quality of your product/service) or when clients don’t stay with you;
  • You can’t both grow your sales and product/service and make your customers happy without a top-performing team;
  • Your team won’t perform well when they’re not happy or when your team isn’t stable (meaning that there’s a high turnover rate);
  • And ultimately: People aren’t happy and will leave your company when there’s a misfit in terms of the job and/or the culture.

And the only way to prevent this misfit is by making the right hiring decisions. Or like we say: Scalable Hiring.

Scalable Hiring

This is our definition of Scalable Hiring:

Scalable Hiring is the state of hiring effectiveness in which the company is capable of correctly matching the company growth stage to the right desires concerning job fit and cultural fit.

In other words: Knowing what your company needs in different growth stages.

© Roadmap to Scalable Hiring

Stage A: Up to 10 people (Low-Low)

In this stage hiring is mostly based on gut feeling. Most of the jobs you’re hiring for are new to your company, so there’s no option to benchmark your current team to analyse the required skills to fit the job and required personality traits to fit the culture (if you even have a culture already with this amount of team members).

Stage B: 10–25 people (Medium-High)

Congrats, the first 10 people! This means you probably have found your product-market fit and are now ready to scale your company. Moreover, according to a study into scaleup cultures, this is also the point where you have created the fundament of your company culture.

In this stage the team feels like a family, so hiring for cultural fit is quite ‘easy’ for you. Besides you’ve now hired some key roles, meaning that you have a better understanding of certain skills that your team has and also which skills are missing.

Stage C: 25–50 people (High-Medium)

With a team of 25 people you will probably have most HR processes more clearly structured. You’ve learned from some previous hiring mistakes and you’re now able to properly benchmark your team to be able to analyse the current skill set, desired skill set and the key personality traits to fit the company culture.

Assessing job fit will now get much more easy for you since you’ve had some time to practice and access to data required to analyse your successfulness rate so far. Cultural fit will now become slightly more challenging, because this is the stage where you as a founder don’t know anything about all your employees. It’s more of a village now than a family.

Stage D: 50–150 people (Medium-Low)

50 people means that there’s a need for structure and also restructure. When reaching this stage your company will need to find a better balance between hyper growth and sustainable growth, which means that roles will change, new roles will be added to the team and new structures lead to different types of interaction (which leads to some cultural changes).

In other words: You’re now in a transition stage, which makes benchmarking harder and the historical data insufficient.

Stage E: More than 150 people (Medium-Medium)

If your company made it to this stage, you’re a rockstar! You’ve survived the most challenging growth pains. Hopefully this also results into the fact that Employee Turnover is low and team performances are getting better and better.

At this stage you have a solid knowledge about job fit and cultural fit; now the bigger challenge is (i) how to keep analysing and optimising this knowledge and (ii) how to stick to your company culture.

Equalture’s ultimate goal (High-High)

© Equalture’s pre-selection technology to predict a candidate’s job fit and cultural fit

Our ultimate goal is leading companies through the different growth stages by helping them to make their hiring scalable, meaning that the knowledge of both job fit and cultural fit is never below a medium level. We do this by offering a pre-selection technology that helps our clients predict a candidate’s job fit and cultural fit — through AI-driven matching and gamification.

After all, hiring is all about predicting, learning and getting better, with the aim to enable sustainable company growth.

Ready to make your hiring scalable?! 🚀

Charlotte, Co-Founder & CEO @ Equalture
Charlotte Melkert

Written by

Co-Founder & CEO @ Equalture, a pre-selection technology that helps clients build outstanding teams by predicting a candidate’s job and cultural fit.

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