Travel Sketchbook: Japan Trip

Last Oct my husband and I took a 13-day vacation to Japan, included Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. We were so excited to be there, here are my sketches with a lot of fun memories.

Day 01: On the Flight

From Chicago to Tokyo, 15 hours flight. The first day was purely on the flight, but we got a free extra seat and very tasty flight meals, not bad.

Day 02–1: First day at Tokyo

Typhoon No.8 has left Tokyo, Yeah! Tokyo Tower was very close to our hotel. Out first vending machine experience was in a small restaurant for lunch, very interesting!

Day 02–2: Cool toilet seat

So many controls on the toilet seat, it has been fun to try every of them. Warm toilet seat should be considered in Chicago too.

Day 02–3: Shinjuku

We went to Shinjuku district at night. The photo booth was very very interesting, we followed the pose guide then the larger eyes and sharper chins have been applied on our faces in the photo automatically.

Day 03: Go to Kyoto

Taking Shinkansen to Kyoto, we bought insane amount of snacks.( it only took 3.5 hours)

Day 04: Traditional Kyoto

Kyoto is a very traditional city, so different.

Day 05: Historic moments at Kyoto

There are lots of famous historical sights.

Day 06: Kaiseki at Kyoto

The Kaiseki dinning experience was so awesome, I miss that a lot after coming back to Chicago.

Day 07: Osaka

Took Shinkansen from Kyoto to Osaka. Very tasty Kaiten Sushi


Day 08: Nara

Stayed one day at NARA park, made some deer friends there. Also we had our first ‘ Sit-On-Knee’ dining experience in a traditional restaurant, everything in the bowl are made by green tea, so good!

Day 09: Church of Light, Osaka

We visited the church of light, Tadao Ando’s famous work. We were curious why people in Tokyo stand and walk on the left side, but people in Osaka are doing the opposite. And as a MUJI fan, the Cafe & Meal MUJI is another must go spot.

Day 10: Back to Tokyo

Took Shinkansen back to Tokyo. Had amazing salmon onigiri on the train. Then we took a quickly tour to the Roppongi Hills and Kaminarimon.


Day 11: Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Last day in Tokyo, we just ate as much as we can. Tsukiji fish market is a must go, we found all types of food there, so good!

Day 12: Flight time

Had our last meal in Japan at airport. Bye bye Japan, we’ll come back!