Saying that transfeminine people are demanding sex misrepresents the situation in a way that reveals the person making that representation thinks of transwomen as men.
The problem here isn’t people demanding access to your body, but framing the discussion as though…
Chris Babcock

This reveals your misogyny. ALL Women can (and sometimes do) demand sex, and ALL women can (and sometimes do) rape. The idea that women are pure goddesses of love and light, that never demand sex, and only men demand sex is misogynistic. And misanthropic.

And since you don’t feel qualified to comment on gay male culture, why not straight male culture. I googled. Nothing about them being terrible people for not having sex.

See, right now I’m wondering why a group of people collectively impacted by homophobia and misogyny are being picked on when its the whole world. Seems to be some particular personal issue on your part.

Do you personally believe you are owed sex?

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