Take Time to Celebrate Your Personal Growth

Charmd Baker
Dec 6, 2019 · 3 min read

Don’t be afraid of change if you want to go further in life.

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Before the new year arrives, I plan to take a weekend off and enjoy some serious ME time. I’m celebrating my personal growth and my writing achievements this year.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer or author with a set writing goal, or a busy homemaker with a family and household to run; you deserve to be celebrated for your accomplishments in life.

Fear of Change

One of the biggest obstacles to productivity can sometimes be the fear of change. But more often than not, change is the very thing that can help you go further in life. Change is the stuff that personal growth and development is made of!

Speaking as an always struggling author, the writer’s life is one that constantly challenges you to change, if you want to grow and develop in the publishing field.

One of my own biggest fears has always been the need to change, at a time that I’m not mentally ready to do it, or to accept it. The unknown element that seems to accompany change is always scary.

Not knowing when or if things will work out when you make a change, tends to make people want to just leave things the way they are. But nine times out of ten, that’s not always good.

Innovative Thinking

I’d like to think that my sea story novella that I successfully completed writing recently is an innovative take on mermaids, but what I’m most proud of is my innovative new Pen Name.

Up until now, my fear of change has prevented me from creating a new writing persona. Everything I’ve written thus far, non-fiction and fiction (also different genres), has been under the same pen name [Charm Baker].

I knew I needed a change, but was reluctant to make one, until now. Hooray! I created an anagram of Charm Baker, thus making the change easier to deal with — plus I think it’s kind of clever. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Defeat Distractions

I have to admit, thanks to the televised hearings, I had a hard time staying focused on my novel writing objective during the month of November, but I succeeded just the same.

I tried not to let the news interfere, however, I felt so passionate about what I was hearing (since I just couldn’t seem to shut it all off), that I had to take a recess from my novel writing.

During my little recess, I couldn’t resist publishing my real time reaction to one of the witnesses’ sworn statements. It was so incredulous, that I couldn’t even stay focused on my mythical mermaid tale after hearing it!

When distractions in life pop up at an inconvenient time, try not to let them throw you off balance, even if they happen to throw you off schedule.

If you keep in mind the thing(s) that you put the highest priority on, you won’t allow distractions to suck up all your time and make you lose focus.

Celebrate By Yourself

If you think you need permission, or have to wait for other people to celebrate your growth and development, you’re sadly mistaken.

No one knows better than you, how far you’ve come, or what you’ve had to sacrifice, to accomplish your goals.

So why allow someone else to determine if or when you get recognition for those accomplishments (whatever they happen to be)?

Even if you have to celebrate yourself, by yourself, do it! Make, and take time to celebrate your personal growth and achievements so you can continue on the path to success.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow Charm whens she’s not medium writing.

Charmd Baker

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Hello — I’m an L.A. based writer and self-published author [novels and ebooks]. I love it here! The more I read, the more I write! Follow me and do the same.

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