A friend of mine

There she is. Always behind my back ready to comfort me in times of hardships. I am thankful for having her in my life. She is a gift from God that everyday, I would be thankful for.

I was in trouble, She was there. I remembered the day when I was in a rush. I was in trouble because my flash drive was being crazy and it couldn’t read my file. She was the one who saved me. She was with me to call someone to send the file and then, I had it.

She was with me through those troubles. I could say that she is one of the most helpful, kind and amazing best friend I’ve ever had. There were times where I can’t understand her and she also, can’t understand me. We’ve tried a 3-days-no-talking kind of misunderstanding. I know it was just a small thing but, sometimes, we really hate each other. How funny it could be. And now as we are growing up, we are getting stronger together. Those trials made us stronger.

In my heartbreaks and love problems, She was there. Told me that all would be alright. When times that my tears were dropping upon the ground, She was there to listen.

I’m glad to have a friend like her. I actually bought shirts for us. I love her even though she’s also my enemy for some instance. Pretty, lovable,kind, caring and 100+ more good characteristics she have. My partner in crime, my best friend. Yes she is. Special girl named “Alena” which means “rock, light”. Truly, she is my rock and she is my light through the years.

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