Behind my mask

It was me. Acting I’m fine. You can see me smiling, happy and an active girl like I’m outside this world. It was me wearing a mask. I was like I am going to a ball, wearing a mask not knowing my face, my expressions behind it.

The dark side of me. Worries, Pain, Problems,Trials and more. That is what’s behind the mask I’m wearing. Feeling that I can’t cope with anything. It was like me falling down in a hole full of darkness with no one to help me. It was tough.

Being a person who hides my feelings behind the mask and acting that I’m okay. “I am fine”. A word that I always tell when they ask me if I am. Lies. I’m good at that. Telling I’m fine was a lie. Feeling I’m all alone. No one cared. Even the friends near me who was just in front of me, who was beside me didn’t care about me because I know that they didn’t experience the same way as I am. I was once depressed. My parents,friends and the people around me didn’t know. I was smiling but, I was depressed. I bet all of my friends didn’t notice because no one really cared. They didn’t know I was depressed. I’m good at hiding, for sure.

I felt acceptance in this world is what I didn’t experience. Many don’t accept me for who I am. When, I get mad and annoyed, I am really straight to the point in words and in my acts. I think those were some reasons why some of my friends don’t like me, afraid of me. I have big problems in my life. Living in this world for 12 years and I have experienced all the rocks in front of me like I am already an adult. Those problems and trials made me stronger but, a time, I was really depressed. The next time I will be covering my face with a mask, watch out. For sure you’ll never notice it

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