Hearing my name

Joining a competition is an honor. They chose me to represent the school. At first I was saying “what? me? for that event to represent our school?” I can’t believe it. I’m bringing the name of the school and I have to.

It was a blessing for me. On the day of the competition, I didn’t feel anything. What’s on my mind is just to do my best and God will do the rest. As I sit on the chair, I listened to the instruction. I prayed 10 minutes before I wrote the whole article. After doing the whole article, I was really thankful that I made it. I wrote all my ideas and I did my very best to express those ideas.

In the afternoon, It was time to announce the winners. I’m not expecting to win because first of all, I was not satisfied of my article even though I know that I did my best. It was the time of truth. To announce the winners in my category. My hands were cold,shaking and I was very nervous. Third placer was already announced. That time, I was losing my hope to win and told myself, “No chances at all. Better luck next time.” I didn’t expect that the next one to be called was my name. I heard my name. I was the second place?. I cannot believe it. I really didn’t stand directly because I can’t believe it was me. Among how many schools in our city, my name was called.

The journey never ends. I was one to represent our school and now, our whole city! I was qualified to the regionals. I am a journalist and I’m proud to be one. Charm Gegato writing her story by the way. It’s my name and I heard it.

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