What’s Holding You Back?

What’s holding you back? You can say it in a lot of different ways but the answer always comes back to YOUR FEARS.

Start viewing your fears as barriers between you, your true self, and your goals.

I believe everyone at their core is bold and fearless. As children we didn’t understand the meaning of the word impossible and never cared to learn it. If I wanted to be a ninja then I was gonna be a ninja, dang it!

That boldness, that fierceness, that confidence — that’s you. That’s your soul yearning to be complete by completing all the tasks it was sent here to do.

Within my acting career there are several areas that terrify me that I am working on:

1.) Playing vulnerable, soft women. I used to think this was because this is opposite of me but it’s really not. I actually do have a very soft side. It’s just a part of me with which I have not been comfortable. It’s a part of me that I am afraid of.

I fear it because it is the realist sense of me and the part of me that has zero defense. It is my rawness, my realness. Showing it leaves me open to the world for judgement and rejection.

But this vulnerability is the most powerful weapon I have against this cynical world. As it relates to my acting, my favorite characters tend to be the most vulnerable ones, the ones I see cry, the ones who go through life with me. They’re real.

But I can’t play them — not yet — because I haven’t become comfortable with showing myself. I need to become so comfortable in my realness that I can’t reject me. I need to accept myself so deeply that rejection from others — of myself or of my art — doesn’t matter because I’ve accepted who I am.

Start viewing your fears as barriers between you, your true self, and your goals.

2.) Singing. I am by NO MEANS a singer. I am a character singer at best. However, it’s kind of a big part of musicals and I love musicals so I kind of need to get better. Nope, it’s not a natural talent of mine but I can learn and better myself. However, I have to change my self-talk. Stop saying “I suck” and start saying “I can improve.” Stop saying “I’m just never going to be able to get this” and start saying “Maybe it takes me a little longer but that doesn’t mean that I can’t.”

I’ve got to encourage myself.

3.) I’m afraid of failing, of being trapped in a mediocre life. When you dream big it’s kind of always in the back of your mind. The “what ifs” and the “what fors,” I mean. The trick is that if I look at my life it’s already amazing and far from mediocre so I really will never fall into that trap.

Perspective is key. I have to tell myself that life is great at every stage, the curtain only drops when it’s your call. Until then, every moment is a key plot point on your journey to discovering you.

Don’t let fear block you from what is rightfully yours and what is easily attainable. Wherever you see it in your life, choke it out.

Break down those barriers that are boxing you in.

Learn to COMPLETELY ACCEPT YOURSELF — that means accept your character and also accept your art — so that no one’s rejection matters because you no longer need their approval to be you.

Speak kindly to yourself about your weak areas. Instead of moping in them, gloat in them. You know the exact areas you need to work on. Create a plan and fix it. Maybe even turn it into a strength.

Place things in perspective. We oftentimes blow our problems up and also our dreams up so big that we lose sight of what we already have. Many times what you have already outweighs what you don’t. Smash your fears with a reality check.

Conquer your fears and take charge of your life.

originally published at charmedarticles.com