Why Use WordPress for Blogging?

Choosing WordPress for Blogging is a wise option as WordPress is the best free blogging platform available today. It is a content management system based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is used by more than 22% of the top ten million websites. As a blogger, if you are in search of an apt blogging platform for yourself, I think WordPress would be the best for you.

Here is a list of reasons, why to use WordPress for blogging:

1. Free and Open Source

WordPress is open source software, and it is FREE. This means you can download, install, and modify it for free. Nowadays, it is being used as a Content Management System (CMS) and you can use it to create your personal or commercial websites free of cost. Also, there are thousands of themes and plugins that are available for free and you can download, install and use them on any websites. No fees, no subscriptions, and no nothing!

2. Very Well Supported

Follow the numbers of WordPress blogging tips because when you start blogging as a newbie, you might require a lot of support and has various confusions. But, you don’t have to worry about that. Just searching any type of information related to WordPress using Google search would help ease your problem. Once you search on google about the WordPress, you will get answers to your queries and confusions. WordPress support forum would help you a lot.

3. Easy Installation and Set-Up

Installing and setting-up WordPress is fast and easy. What you have to do is: create a MySQL database, specify parameters in the configuration file, and upload the WordPress installer files to your web root.

4. Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is very SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. A high quality coded theme in WordPress can make your websites very attractive to search engines and work wonders for your search engine rankings. You can make it, even more, SEO friendly by using WordPress SEO plugin to boost your WordPress blog SEO.

5. Easily Manageable

WordPress comes with integrated updater that let you modernize your plugins and themes contained in your WordPress admin dashboard. When a new version of WordPress is available, it tells you, so that you can update it by just clicking a button. Further, you can keep your entire WordPress content safe by setting up automated regular WordPress Backups.

6. Variety of Themes and Plugins

Most of us can use WordPress without any prior knowledge of designing websites. There are various free WordPress themes available to choose from, so you can give your website unique look you want. There are various flawless themes available for all types of websites whether you want a recipe theme, e-commerce theme, portfolio theme, or a magazine theme. Also, these themes are easy to modify because a lot of them come with their own options panel allowing you to change the background, upload logo, change colors, create beautiful sliders, and do other cool things with your website without even writing any code at all.

WordPress has an amazing range of free and premium plugins available for you to use, which can extend the flexibility of your WordPress installation. Not only these plugins can add extra functionality to WordPress, there are millions of plugins, which you can find on the official WordPress Plugin Directory.

7. Safety and Security

WordPress is developed with security in mind, so it is considered a very secure system to run any website. It also has various methods to protect against attacks. Your website or blog may attract visitors as well as spammers. Spammers use to post spam comments that you don’t want. But, you don’t have to worry about that.

WordPress has an anti-spam filter known as a kismet, which has an incorporated blacklist and an open proxy checker. This automatically confines spam comments on your blog or website.

8. Can Handle Different Media Types

When you are using WordPress, you are not just confined to writing text. It has built-in support to manage video and audio content, as well as images. You can also use for file or document management.

WordPress supports Embed enabled websites which enable you to embed YouTube videos, Tweets, Instagram photos, and Sound cloud audio by just pasting the URL in your post. You can even allow your website visitors to embed videos in comments.

So this was all about the basic introduction for WordPress for Blogging. Surely this has made you more curious about WordPress for Blogging, so keep visiting our website to read more about WordPress and Blogging tips and tricks. If you have any more suggestion and tips, do reach us through the comments section.


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