My Dad, by my side even through my failures

I am so scared that I won’t amount to anything in life, I was one of those children that did great in school, and I guess I hoped it would continue on into adulthood. I know I’m still only young, and that there are many, many years ahead of me. But it’s hard not to feel that way. I went from having a stable job with a regular income, to moving interstate and having immense difficulty finding work.

It is difficult for me, financially relying on my dad, since the government thinks that $250.00 a fortnight is enough to support me. I never had to ask him for money once i started working properly at 17. Now that my mother has passed I know the financial burden is much worse, because there is no longer two major incomes. I honestly cannot thank my dad enough for everything his done for me. He paid for me to study abroad for 2 weeks in Chile! How many parents do that for their adult children? He always encourages me, to do more, be better, and grab life by the balls.

My dad and I

My mother was my best friend, we told eachother everything. Now that she’s no longer on this Earth, I’ve gotten that relationship with my dad. We talk about sex, about boys, about girls, friendship drama, family drama, bills, housework, everything. Even tasks that normally feel like chores, such as grocery shopping is more entertaining with him. Every Sunday he always asks me to go to the shops with him. My 12 year old brother is’nt interested in anything thats not technology so he tends not to come along.

My mother, by brother, my father and I on Big Brother Mountain a few years ago

My mother and father got together when my mum was 12, and my dad 13. They dated for a few years, then broke up for 2, but my mother realised the only man she wanted was my dad. They were together for over 20 years all together when my mother died, I honestly have no idea how he held it together when she passed. He was so strong, I admire him so much for that. The only woman he has ever been with was my mum. I hope one day he finds someone to make him happy.

Dad cooking lunch to celebrate what would have been mums 40th Birthday

My dad is not an animal person, never has been. But he let us get a cat, and sometimes when he thinks we aren’t looking, I see him giving the cat affection. I feel like I can’t put into words how much I admire him, and how great his been over my life. He isnt a cuddler, or really lovey dovey. But I still know he really loves me.