The 5 Day Mindful Meal Challenge — Day 2

[Author’s Note: This post is part of a 5-day experiment documenting my experience of eating more mindfully. You can read Part 1 here.

Scrummy pasta at La Danesa, Avenida Diagonal, Barcelona.

As I was meeting a friend for lunch today I knew that concentrating solely on the food was probably going to be impossible, if not slightly rude. I did what I could.

On the positive side, I enjoyed the food, especially when I closed my eyes, the flavours of the sauce and the herbs in particular.

I didn’t time myself today - that would have looked a bit odd -but I didn’t gobble the food down either and was pleased with the fact that my one bowl lasted a while. I tried to focus on where in the mouth I was tasting the food but didn’t notice anything in particular. Must try harder with this!

What I am feeling after just two days is that if you are really mindful when you eat you probably don’t need to eat so much. So for day 3 I’m going to deliberately serve up a smaller portion of food and see if by eating it mindfully and chewing slowly it will still keep hunger at bay later in the day.

Lesson of Day 2. It’s impossible to concentrate solely on food when dining accompanied, especially if they are talking to you. However, this doesn’t stop you from slowing down, putting the fork down between mouthfuls and savouring the food. Catch you tomorrow for Day 3.

Read the original post from Darya Rose, Ph.D, the creator of the challenge here.