This is Poorna from India and I am officially a 3nd year engineering student and my stream is Information Technology but unofficially a dynamic person. ;)

While the world had a scorching-breezy-sunscreen-melon-ice cream summer I had a laptop-charger-wifi-calls summer. But mind you, this was not boring at all. Before you decide am a geek who takes pleasure in working and studying, I would really like to share this unique experience regarding my very first technical internship. I was one of those looking for an opportunity to usefully spend my summer and here came my ticket. Myswots.com, a US based company was looking for some students to intern for them and through the head of our department in college, Dr. Saswati Mukherjee mam a selection test was heldonline for students of our department. The top 6 were given an opportunity to intern with Myswots.com and not just that.. they were promised an official certificate for their work(which is a big deal in India). And tadaa!! I was the 6th candidate to be selected!

We were a team of 6 people. Since the company was based in the US and we were based in India the entire internship was through audio conferencing- thanks to Google Hangouts. The founder of Myswots, Mr Sesha Krishnan was a very friendly, dedicated and quick witted person in contrast to the bossy professional person I had imagined to be working with. He began by getting to know us all better and gave us a lot of time to get familiar with Myswots.com. Once we were done exploring, we were divided into 2 teams- Front end and Back end again by our choice. I go by the opinion that the way we present something plays a huge role in its reach and so, I chose the front end which is essentially working on how a technology appears. We had to volunteer to be team leads and I volunteered to be the front end team lead. It was a great team and everyone did their best without conflicts or any other issues. We had 2 calls every week. One was with me, the back end team lead and Mr Sesha and the other with the entire team. We could be quite frank with the issues that we had and he patiently explained what had to be done and what his requirement was.

What did I learn? : One great thing that I learnt from this internship was team work. How often have we all thought “I could do this alone with my own ideas”. But I definitely learnt the spirit of team work here. Everyone contributed ideas, worked hard, tried their best and most importantly complimented each other. There was never a day when we lacked motivation. Not just that! I learnt a lot of technical stuff- some of which I had an outline about and some stuff about which I had no clue. Also I learnt a lot from my fellow team mates and there was a lot of good things I could incorporate in myself. And definitely “It always seems impossible until it is done” came true. This was definitely a great learning experience.

Video making experience : Finally, once we were done, Mr Sesha wanted us to make a video of our work and that responsibility was handed over to me. I must say this, there is a lotttt of difference between a fun video and a professional video that is being made. Initially I made a very interactive video with an electronically synchronized voice over which even my team members found informative yet,(giggle) hilarious. I realized I had to do something more serious and that is when I got into the geek mode and made a proper video with a clear voice over that highlighted our work! And I got a good response. But I pity the YouTubers now. I had to get my lines right+no background noise+ properly working demo of the technology. Trying to get the entire combination right drew me nuts.

On a cheerful note, now I have officially completed an “internship” and got a lot of new friends(my team mates) and Mr Sesha who is happy to guide us. And this definitely was a great way to spend a summer.

P.S: The hangouts calls were the best part! ;)