Fireworks Campaign

On February 3, 2015, Charmin kicks off the second year of its Charmin Relief Project, encouraging consumers to nominate their local firehouse for the chance to receive a year’s supply of toilet paper. Since firehouses serve as a home-away-from-home for many firefighters, Charmin wants to make sure these heroes are fully stocked with one of the most basic comforts of home — toilet paper, as a way to say thank you to the butts that save our butts everyday.

Whether fulltime or volunteer, firefighters put their butts on the line day in and day out to keep their communities safe, and Charmin wants to help this much loved, but often underfunded, group of public servants. In an effort to provide some essentials to firehouses across the country, Charmin is asking consumers to help select 100 firehouses across the nation to receive a year’s supply of toilet paper. Additionally, when consumers claim a coupon on, Charmin will donate a roll to a firehouse nationwide.

Consumers can visit Charmin on Facebook and Twitter for details on how to nominate a local firehouse in need. Charmin will announce the 100 firehouses in March 2015.

“As part of the Charmin Relief Project, we’re thrilled to continue to support US firefighters by providing the comforts of home in 100 firehouses across the country,” said Janette Yauch, Regional Assistant Brand Director. “As a way to honor and show appreciation for their daily sacrifices, we hope you’ll join us by nominating a firehouse in your area in need of some Charmin relief.”

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