Trump is the best thing that happened in 2016

It’s all our fault

We feel entitled to good life.

We take if it is in our best interest.

We got used to being ignorant and non involved in country’s decision making.

It’s not Trump’s fault at all but Obama’s, Bush’s and Clinton’s.

Some people of our “great” nation have been suffering for many years and nobody cared.

We’ve been told that everything is going to be alright for so many times. We need not worry as the country is in good hands. Every month someone cries wolf. Everything seems to end up alright, every time. We could always be busy somewhere else.

Ignorance and infatuation is becoming a common disease. How many of us bother today to read news about Asia, Europe or Middle East? We spend millions for bombing their countries but cannot be bothered reading the news about their situation for 5 minutes.

Someone runs into trouble? They’d better keep their shit together and not spill it everywhere. We have no need for drama around us. We are busy and too self absorbed. If we are not there for our friends when in need, who’s going to stand up for us when we get in their shoes?

Trump is the smallest, big trouble we had to face in the last decades.

The “Internet boom” wasn’t our real problem because most of us didn’t invest in tech. Those companies made and got money anyhow so it’s cool.

The housing bubble affected us too little to care. Some stupid poor people lost it all but they were stupid and didn’t have much to begin with. That’s life. We didn’t invest in CDO so it wasn’t our problem. The government eventually sorted it out. It’s cool.

Now Trump starts to get us. He takes not a small bit like everyone before him but our entire leg altogether. And he has just started.

Reap first and see what else happens later !

If we need cheap gas and oil we bomb the shit out of them. It doesn’t matter if we lie or create alternative stories to make ourselves feel better. Everyone would believe we are always right because we have always been. If we dislocate entire nations for the best interest of our own citizens and nation that’s fine too. They will eventually go somewhere. We are Americans/British/European. We are proud nation with traditions and global aspirations! They’s nothing.

We need affordable electronics so they should better do it well and as cheap as possible. We need that gadget and it’s disgusting to have a 2 years old phone. It doesn’t matter they struggle a little bit working in inhumane conditions, 12–15 hours for just 1.8$ a day. I mean they’ve always worked like that so they are used to it. Thank God we don’t have to do it. We need our coffee break otherwise we would get depressed.

Huh ? People are dying because they don’t have comprehensive medical insurance? We know it’s happening but why do you have to mention it? We’ve made it so let’s keep it positive. Tell me more about your vacation and where you go next.

The schools and universities are rubbish and too expensive? Well, not everyone needs to go to college and if we can afford it it’s not our problem. The dumber they are the easier to manipulate they are, isn’t it. We’ll always need burger flippers. That’s a good joke for many that we also know it’s actually true.

We’ve been born in this country so we are also entitled to get a job that pays well no matter what. We are first class citizens right ? We are also entitled to have good fun. Can you live without drinks with friends, your daily flat white, Netflix, Spotify, a gym membership and your annual leave? You would get depressed.

I’ve heard at TV about climate change issues but that’s in Antarctica not here. I love my car anyhow and I cannot live without it.

And this is just a few of our self absorbed little lies we tell ourselves every day. It’s all about how well we are doing compared to people we know. The hierarchies we climb and delight with our increasing pretentiousness and aspirations. It was never our problem and we’ve been historically doing better and better. You can read the stats too. So it’s not our problem indeed.

For decades there were stories in the media about immigrants, immigration forecasts, pollution, a worsening health system, failure in education and globalisation. They don’t concern us because there’s nothing we can do. We vote every 4 years and that’s it.

Trump finally

Trump is our first problem in a long time. Trump is not himself the real problem. The problem is the people that start to turn against their own kind. Obama or Hilary isn’t that much of an awesome choice either. The feelings some people experience right now under Trump are part of a long sequel that continued, uninterrupted under Bush and Obama x2. They felt equally hopeless then as they feel now under Trump. Trump just gave them a loudspeaker. Our leaders are too busy focusing on the lost NASDAQ points each day not on listening to the people. Capital efficiency, globalisation, industrialisation, raise of the tech and the AI keep the FED numbers in the high five range because they don’t factor in the collateral damage made among the people. Standard of living, access and use of education establishment, created opportunities and improvements in the health service to name just a few are not accurately measured at all. Maybe because it’s hard and because no single policy can move those metrics, whatever they are in a year’s time. But these are the measures that matter. They matter for the people today and they matter for all of us tomorrow.

A nation’s economy has a gigantic inertia. You cannot turn it overnight in any direction you want. Trump has just arrived riding a wave supported by screaming, desperate and disillusioned people. A scream never starts as a scream. At first you have a set of bad experiences but you are still in disbelief. You just had bad luck. Then there is doubt. When bad gets worse you may start believing it yourself, but what if you are wrong? It looks like you are the only one moaning around. Why not shut up and try harder?

Good Christians in “the west” go to church and pray every Sunday, yet no matter how big/deep believers they are, they don’t rush to fight a government that wages wars with other countries, allows companies to steal from citizens and still bail them out.

I believe it takes decades of painful and troubled experiences to be that emotionally invested into a set of values like those Trump proposes. The school may have drilled what’s good and bad in most people’s rational mind. So what? We are emotional creatures. These people had experiences that were real to them. And make no mistake, they didn’t get those under Trump but under Obama, the Bushs and Clinton.

Trump is just a pretext and an excuse. Now they have our attention because “they won” the elections. It was them, those that nobody ever listened to. They want to shake the tree and pull it of from its roots. A reset of the game and a new beginning for everyone. They want and need something to fight for and stand a chance winning. They’ve got none today.

Thousands of years of mankind history and we still didn’t learn anything. What idiots and fools we are. We praise our culture and society for liberties and technological advancements. Brave nations that reached where no one has reached before: moon, asteroids, Mars or the bottom of the ocean. All done to flash a national helicopter d**k to our opponents. Who’s the dude now, huh? That’s it. That was all what we did it for: our national pride. Our nation fucks yours! At least for now.

And yet, at the first tough moment we face, we raise the hand to wage war against our brother that has been cleaning our houses, building our roads and taking care of our babies so we can live another day. It’s our right.

Fucking hell…how long are we going to play this stupid zero sum game?

We spend hundred of billions to fuck other people’s life, wipe countries and cities from the map. Why on Earth we don’t pour those money into educating everyone. Imagine this for 40 years. There will be no more idiots. Only the clinical ones.

It’s so funny. We have been fostering ignorance and entitlement for so long that now we are facing exactly this. An opponent that has no reasoning behind his actions and is deaf to our arguments. Good luck fixing this America, Britain and Europe.

The solution

Trump election proves that they are more than us. Brexit proves that we are outnumbered. Maybe ?

Maybe we didn’t bother to show up and they have barely made it.

Trump/Brexit is our problem. There’s no doubt about it. Every voice matters. So get involved.

If we cannot repel this mental attitude and we don’t change what it matters to us, how we take decisions as nations, where we invest and how we allocate resources, then we didn’t earn our right to perpetuate this profanity of lifestyle on this planet. We are all idiots!