Having a hard time with a React Native example app? Here’s how you can simplify this with Metro bundler.

Unable to resolve module … Module does not exist in the module map or in these directories … Naming collision

We had to carefully find a way to introduce React Native bit-by-bit into the existing native application.


Like Object.keys, but for values.


If we merged Object.keys and Object.values, that would be Object.entries. It returns an array of [key, value].

Build and test your application in a minute

  • ng new to initialize a new Angular project with a lot of settings.
  • ng generate to generate something from a blueprint.
  • ng serve to build the application and starts a web server.
  • ng build to compile the application into an output directory.
  • ng test to…

But, is your continuous integration process is as reliable as you think?

Nicolas Charpentier

Software Engineer working with JavaScript, React, React Native, Redux, and Continuous Integration.

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