Here’s Why You Should Start a Business Alone

Charrah Hardamon — Fromer Sales Engineer Intern, OPENDNS (ACQUIRED BY CISCO)

Starting a business alone is undoubtedly a big deal. To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to work extremely hard to find a market for your product or service. According to reports, 50% of the businesses fail in their very first year itself. The reasons behind the failure of the businesses are the high costs, little or no promotion and the poor quality of the product or service. Therefore, the business owners must advertise their business properly and let the world know about their existence. Moreover, they should also make a proper business plan to ensure a smooth running of the business.

There are very few legal regulations involved. The business owners don’t have to worry about a lot of business regulations. First of all, they must register with and send annual accounts to the government tax office. Following this, the name of the business must be registered with the Registrar of Business Names. It is important for the owner to put up the business name on all the documents and put a notice stating who owns the business. After completing all the formalities, the last one is to observe certain laws which apply to all firms in a particular industry. For example, an alcohol company must follow certain rules and regulations to operate the company and sell the product. Here are a few reasons why you should consider starting a business today.

1) Close contact with customers

When you run a business alone, you get to be close to your employees and the customers. You can maintain close contact with your customers and make sure that they never go disappointed. The business will reach the heights of success if the feedback is positive. You will have the satisfaction of knowing your regular customers and their queries. This will give you an opportunity to find all the flaws in your product or service and work on them.

2) Fast decision-making process

It’s easy to make decisions. You will have the freedom to make all the decisions of the business. The decision-making process will be done easily. You will be able to make all the decisions easily. Since you are the sole owner, you won’t have to consult anyone else before making any decision, you’ll be able to make all the decisions of the business without consulting anyone.

-Charrah Hardamon

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