Growing up, every new year or new school year I would come up with a list of resolutions, a set of habit changes or goals for myself. Within a few weeks, or days I proceeded to throw all those ambitions away and proceed with life as usual. I learned to stop creating resolutions and instead accept the reality that habit change is an ideal rather than goalpost.

In 2017 though, I was able to write 11 posts/essays, start missuteki, read 12 more books than in 2016, lead climb indoor 5.12a, run my first two half marathons, learn basic conversational Thai and Italian, develop a regular sketching and journaling practice, meditate daily, and overall develop better productivity habits. Of course, I did have the extra 40 hours a week without a full-time job, but I was worried that I would laze away the time watching movies or falling into the black hole of the internet. …


Ariel Liu

Writing, drawing, and musing on

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