Parity Performance August 2016. Where does your city stand? — Middle East

The degree of rate parity observed for hotels in Middle East (ME) between their brand websites and the OTAs show variation by location in the August 2016 report. Cairo maintained maximum parity with 100% in the 3-star hotel category, while Tel Aviv and Sharjah emerged as the cities practicing maximum parity with 59% and 100% in the 4-star and 5-star category, respectively. Kuwait is the city with the highest number of hotels preferring their own brand sites to OTAs and offering lower rates with 73%.

Hotels being cheaper on OTA sites is an interesting factor for hotels in Middle East amidst the parity vs non-parity debate. Kuwait, Muscat, Doha and Abu Dhabi being as high as 100% of hotels offering better rates on OTAs in 3-star category, while Amman at 100% in 4-star category, are following this pattern.

Did you notice?

  1. Tel Aviv, Amman, and Abu Dhabi are facing OTA dominance in better rates as most hotels there are preferring to sell on OTAs and the numbers being as high as 95%, 94% and 94% in the 5-star category.

Heat Map for 3 Star Hotels

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2. Cities like Amman, Kuwait, Muscat, Doha, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai (3-star category), Amman (4-star category), and Kuwait and Dubai, with 0% parity each, are displaying the need for meta-searches for prospective customers to source out best deals.

Heat Map for 4 Star Hotels

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Heat Map for 5 Star Hotels