The Sound of Silence

It is 1.03 AM in Aachen , NRW ,Germany.
My weather widget tells me it is 10 degrees Celsius outside.

And here I am in my bed (*Oh yes, my cozy cushiony bed with a snugly warm blanket) unable to fall asleep.Lost in thoughts floating through my head. Lately these nights have become a part of my routine or perhaps a part of me.If you’ve ever experienced one of these nights you would know what I am talking about.If you haven’t , what follows is a sneak peek.

Two years ago when I started attending German classes our teacher used a phrase that captivated me. She said , she wanted to go to a place where she could hear ‘The Sound of Silence’. Ah! What a wonderful contrast. I could only wonder what would it be like to hear this sound.

After coming to Aachen, I could hear this sound all the time. But during the day, there is something unnerving about it. Midnight it is different.

At midnight ,this sound becomes music.
Music that makes me feel high. Feeling drunk and high , so high. Yes yes, exactly like Coldplay says.

Music that soothes me and calms down those raging nerves.
It tells me I am good enough.

Music that challenges me to a ‘How well do you know yourself?’ quiz.
A symphony of questions and answers.