A Writer’s Journey

It was 8:30 AM, and Ratika was all set to leave for work. Deep came to pick her up, right on time. She dint know if they were a ‘thing’ but she knew that she and Deep had a thing for each other. ‘There you go’ he said, handing her the covered coffee mug. Surprised. as it was so not him to do these sweet little things, she whispered a ‘thanks.’

‘I hope you like it, its just like you- bold, intense and not to sweet’ he added the latter, to tease her. As she took her first sip, she was surprised that it didn’t taste like coffee. Rather, it was her favorite wine, right in the morning. ‘You crazy???’ she said, ruffling his hair and questioned him in a flirty tone ‘you wanna get me drunk?’

‘I wanna get you going for the day, shaking that ass’ he said, checking her out, adding ‘besides, you never get drunk on wine, do u’ he said naughtily.

‘I may never trust you next time to get me coffee in the morning’. Unaware, she was smiling by herself while he was trying hard to look ahead and not gaze at her. She never had a day like this in the longest time. There was barely any traffic on the road. It was as if the universe had paved open a way ahead for her to fulfill her dreams. At the moment, she did feel fulfilled, sipping wine, stealing a look at Deep, while he was busy driving.

She rolled down the glasses and felt the fresh air caress against her skin. She pumped up the music decibel and started to sing along…and Deep imitated her croaky voice. She hit him playfully.

Finally as they were about to reach the destination, she said ‘I’ll go first, you park and come in a little later. I don’t want people to unnecessarily talk about u’

Us? He said, ‘I like the zing to that word, especially when you say it’

She looked away, not wanting to admit her feelings as the car came to a screeching halt and he honked at a man who was crossing the road in a hurry.

A loud scream broke her sleep. Ratika woke up with a jolt as the alarm rang by her bedside. It was a beautiful journey she had from home to work, around 3 years back. It was a dream, a dream that she lived till the time Deep was alive. She sees Deep’s picture hanging on the wall, smilingly looking at her, asking her to get dressed and shake that ass.

She reminisced about how they got married that very year, three years back and how he left for the heavenly abode within 6 months. By now, she was accustomed to listen to all the accusations from in-laws and her own family, blaming her to be a jinx who took her husband’s life away. Is she going to do anything about it. Heaven knows.


I just completed the story for one my episodes. It’s this journey that I live through my characters, sometimes through their office commute, at other times, through their romance escapades.

As life is happening between fiction and reality, I think it’s time for me to pour myself some wine, the bold, intense, but oh so sweet, just like me and embark on yet another journey.


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