Kai’s Week With Aeris

Kai’s first time using Aeris. Taken from Bella’s iPhone 6.

This week’s guest post is written by 11 year old Kai. He writes:

Aeris was very different than I expected. I expected more of a giant machine with a graph showing your breathing. What I ended up getting was much better. I really like that smaller kids and bigger kids can have fun doing this. I also like how you can customize your balloon if you get enough bank points. It really was surprising to me.

I wish that the game had a map so that every time you go somewhere, you can see where you go. I was also thinking that there would be a place on the map, when if gotten to, you get a lot of bank points. I wish that you could buy other vehicles instead of just different colored balloons. Other than that, it’s a pretty good app.

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