How to Select the Perfect Gemstone for Yourself?

The gemstones are used by different people to ward off evil from their lives. The different gemstones are known to have diverse effects on one’s health and wellness as well as prosperity. There are several tales associated with the different gemstones and astrologers have often used gemstones as solutions to people’s problems. If you are planning to purchase a gemstone for yourself, there are various different factors that you need to consider. Here we have listed out the prime factors that govern the choice of the perfect gemstone for your present conditions.

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Significance of Gemstones in Astrology

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The different gemstones that are commonly used to ward off different evils are diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, pearl, cat’s eye and coral. These are commonly referred by the different astrologers. You need to select your gemstone based on our birth date or ruling planet. If these precious gems prove to be too expensive, you may opt to go for cheaper substitutes like Topaz, Peridot and Alexandrite. The gems are known to have significant effect on a person’s health as well as economic conditions.

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Healing Powers of Different Gemstones

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The healing powers of different gemstones are debatable. The astrologers often prescribe stones to people who suffer from different ailments or health problems. Gems are always known to ward of health problems and similar other evils. There are stones like Jade, Peridot and Lapis Lazuli that are prescribed to people suffering from problems related to nervous system like epilepsy. Rose Quartz is known to have special benefits for people with heartaches or heart related health problems. The ancient science of Ayurveda prescribes pearls to deal with digestive health issues.

Guidelines to Wear the Perfect Gemstone

There are certain guidelines that you need to follow when you buy a gem stone for your present condition. These guidelines will help you get your perfect gemstone and help you deal with your problems effectively. There are special instructions regarding the finger on which you should wear the gemstone. Here we have listed out some of the major facts.

Know Your Birth Star Sign and Ruling Planet

The birth star decides your ruling planet. The gem stone for you is decided based on the ruling planet. Here we have listed the main birthstones for various star signs.

Aries is the first sign in the list of zodiac signs. The birthstone for Aries is diamond as Mars is its ruling planet.

The birthstone for Taurus is Saphire. Saphire is a blue stone that is known to have several benefits. Venus is the ruling planet for Taurus.

Gemini is the third star sign in the zodiac series. Agate is the precious stone for Gemini. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini.

The birth stone for Cancer is Emerald. This is a green colored stone. Cancer is ruled by the moon.

Onyx is the birth stone for Leo. Leo is a fire sign and the stone is known to be great for Leos. This fire sign is ruled by the sun.

Carnelian is the birthstone for Virgo star sign. It is an Orange red stone and is ideal for the Virgo people.

Peridot is the apt birthstone for Librans. It is green in color. Venus is its ruling planet.

Beryl is the birthstone suggested for Scorpio people. It is a yellow colored stone. Pluto is known to rule Scorpio.

If you are a Sagittarian, Blue Topaz is your birthstone.

Ruby is the birthstone for Capricorn. It is a red gem stone that is known to have radiant energy. Saturn planet rules Capricorn.

Garnet is the birthstone prescribed to Aquarians. It is a dark colored stone that can be worn on the finger.

The astrologers prescribe Amethyst to Piscians. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces.

Each stone has a great significance and you need to choose a stone based on your health and requirements.

The stones have a great impact on the wearer. There are certain instructions given to the wearer regarding how the stone is to be worn.

The stones should usually be worn on the finger preferably on a ring or a similar piece for jewelry. The impact of the stone is best known when it is continuously in contact with the body. The astrologer may suggest the finger on which you must wear the ring. The finger also indicates the rule of certain planets and wearing the gem on certain fingers have a greater and positive impact.