Whole30 Day 1

Charknado has commited to the Whole30. Public acknowledgement. There is no turning back now! TAKE ME AND LET ME BE BORN ANEW! There are some crazy good reviews for this nutrition reset. Rarely do I take part in temporary diets (because they don’t work), however this one has caught my attention because of the “trial-like” way it is marketed. Basically, the creators of this lifestyle ask for you to follow their EXACT nutrition advice for 30 days, and then consider making some changes based on your experience from the 30 days.

30 days of vegetables, meats, eggs, fruits, and good fats. (The yummy stuff that the body loves.) This is what you nom on during the Whole30.

No sugar. No grains. No sweeteners. No legumes. No alcohol but.. but what about tequila?!?… okay, no alcohol. No dairy. So basically, none of the fun food that give you an immediate “YESYESYES,moreNOW!” response.

Day 1 went well. I was tempted a few times today, but I persevered like a valiant warrior. I said no to tacos, chocolate peanuts, french toast, and Ranch dressing. I feel like this is a very do-able experience (I can do anything for 30 days, right?).

The Whole30’s premise is to target foods which may cause excess inflammation or sensitivies. Therefore, at the end of the 30 days, food groups are added back in one by one, and foods that cause noticeable negative effects can be minimized or eliminated permanently from your diet. For more information on the Whole30 check out: http://whole30.com

I will provide weekly updates to review this experience. I’ve also done before body measurements (Just weight- 135 lbs & waist measurement- 28 inches). Body measurements are not allowed during the 30 days because there is a large emphasis placed the primary benefit being a change in how you feel. Any physical changes are considered secondary benefits.

Mood? Feeling good. Lots of joy and excitement at this time of my life in general. I do notice ossiciliations in my mood throughout the day, which seem to be more extreme on days that I consume high-carb/blood sugar shocking treats.

Sleepy? Yes. I just got back from vacation, and I’m feeling aftermath from the indulgences. However, I do already sleep well 7.5–9 hours per night.

Skin? Some acne. (5–6 blemishes) Redness in cheeks.

I’ll be posting food journals and updates on Instagram, so follow me @charwakeup for more updates! ❤